Welcome a New Satyriconista – Matthew C. Sanchez

Matthew C. Sanchez

Matthew C. Sanchez

Matthew C. Sanchez is a budding First Amendment and media lawyer based in South Florida. A regular volunteer with the Citizen Media Law Project at Harvard, Matt has logged more than 1600 hours of pro bono work dealing with free speech issues. His own (mostly) free speech consists of music journalism and children’s fiction.

He is a certified bad ass.

6 Responses to Welcome a New Satyriconista – Matthew C. Sanchez

  1. Patrick says:

    Jeez, there are more of you people than there are of us.

    And welcome aboard Matt. There’s a story brewing over at Concurring Opinions that, based on what you wrote at CMLP, seems right up your alley.

  2. mattcsanchez says:

    Thanks for the welcome, Patrick. You’re right about the CO argument… much of the discussion is based on Danielle Citron’s new article, and I recently published a note in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology that takes the polar opposite of her stance.

  3. You did? Jesus, why am I the last to know these things?

  4. Welcome Matt, nice to know we’re not alone here in South Florida.

  5. mattcsanchez says:

    Sorry Marc. We talked about it when I was down in Altamonte, but it hadn’t been published yet. It’s online here:

    Click to access 22HarvJLTech301.pdf

  6. Christopher Harbin says:

    Hey Matt, welcome!

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