Eyeroll Lawsuit of the Month

More than a hundred money grubbing morons employees filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida for sexual harassment. The employees were women who chose to work in a maximum security prison. The sexual harassment? The prisoners make lewd comments, wag their wangs at them, and generally act like a bunch of sociopaths.


I don’t give a shit what your women’s studies professor said. You do not have a constitutional right to never hear the word “cunt.” You may have a right not to be called one by your boss. If you work in a zoo, you can expect that the monkeys will fling feces at you and the rhinos might try and mate in front of you. If you work at an ice cream shop, you can expect to gain weight. If you work in a bar, you can expect that patrons will try and pick you up. And, if you work in a prison, the guys you deal with will not have good manners. Welcome to planet Earth.

Of course, just because I think that the plaintiffs should be forced to live in Saudi Arabia for the rest of their lives doesn’t mean they will lose. In fact, I predict they will win. In Beckford v. Florida (S.D. Fla., No. 2:06-CV-14324-JEM), the exact same fact pattern led to a $630,000 award. Cha ching.

I give it a year or two before some MacKinnonite files a sexual harassment suit against a strip club owner because the patrons asked her client to shake her ass in their face for a dollar.

See Miami Herald, Female prison workers file sex harassment suit

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  1. Acro says:

    Then again there’s the case of the ambulance driver who sued the owner of the house she visited after she slipped and fell on the wet pool patio (the victim almost drowned in the pool).

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