Welcome to the Roll

Look what Zac "found"

Look what Zac 'found'

I would like to welcome some new authors to the SatyriconRoll.

  1. Patricia E. Salkin and her Law of the Land Blawg.
  2. Johnny Peepers and his Dillsnap Cogitations
  3. Eric Goldman and his Tech and Marketing Blog
  4. Venkat Balasubramani and his Spam Notes

As usual, these additions have been a long time coming.

Patricia E. Salkin, Esq. is the Raymond and Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law, Associate Dean and Director of the Government Law Center of Albany Law School. Wow, pretty impressive, huh? Well, those titles aren’t half as impressive as her blawg, which seems to be the only one out there dealing specifically with land use and zoning issues. So why does that interest me, you ask? She follows and analyzes adult entertainment zoning decisions with enough skill that I have added her Adult Entertainment RSS feed to my already overstuffed inbox.

The pseudonymous Peepers has been a favorite of mine for years. Peepers describes himself as “a socio-pathetic degenerate with a penchant for cheap booze, ruphy-laden broads, and dim sum soup.” His writing and subjects aren’t for everyone — but they are definitely for me. Dillsnap Cogitations is for you too if you liked Taxi Driver.

When I’m working on a tech law issue, I’ll usually check Goldman before logging in to Lexis. This blawg clearly falls into the “useful” category. He religiously follows court decisions on tech matters and seems to never sleep. If I were an aspiring law student, I would seriously think about attending Santa Clara just to take classes from this dude.

Venkat Balasubramani is a relatively new addition to the blawgosphere, but has already made a splash. He writes on Electronic Communications, Privacy, ID Theft, Data Protection, Adware, Spyware, and More. The “more” is often as fascinating as his areas of expertise. Best of all, Venkat’s blawger etiquette is outstanding. Spam Notes is the kind of spam you actually want to read.

When announcing new additions to the Roll, I like to also share my methodology:

  1. How useful is your blawg? If I think it is a worthwhile resource, that gives you some points.
  2. How pertinent is it to my subject matter? Even the greatest workers compensation or family law blawg of all time will probably not make the Roll.
  3. Do I regularly read your blawg? If I don’t read you, I probably won’t recommend that others do.
  4. Do I think that others should? Duh.
  5. Do you share the love? While I don’t believe in quid pro quo as a controlling factor, it comes into play. Some on the Roll have never linked to me, but they get so much juice from the other categories that I can’t help but link to them. On the other hand, there are other blawgs and blogs out there that link to me obsessively — but the other criteria are just not there. No offense to them at all, but the Legal Satyricon is a bit ADD as it is. I need to try and keep some focus.
  6. The dormant share the love clause I have had a few blawgs purged from the roll for failing to share the love. If I link to a blawg a lot, and never get so much as a wink back, it bugs me. When I can tell that someone isn’t respecting the “hat tip” protocol, I lose interest in promoting and recommending them.
  7. Is my link of any use to you? Some blawgs just don’t need a link from me. For example, I read The Volokh Conspiracy a lot. It should, by all rights, be on the roll. However, I want to keep the roll rather short. I think that the traffic that would come from me to a blawg like that would be very insignificant. Naturally, I link to Volokh (and similar blawgs) in my postings a lot, but there is no need to put the VC on the Roll.

One Response to Welcome to the Roll

  1. Patrick says:

    Peepers is a great choice. We’d link as well, except he doesn’t link to us, and he’d offend some of our tamer traffic about as much as a link to Maddox.

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