The [Return of] Blog L00t!

W00t! W00t!  Zac's Blog L00t!

W00t! W00t! Zac's Blog L00t!

Editorial and Comment by Zac “I Wish I Had a Cool Nickname” Papantoniou

We here at the LS (aka “Legal Satyricon” for all you n00bs), have heard the longing cries and tearful sobs of our faithful flock of readers/scallywags, who have so dearly missed the mad props to blog rollers (and biting sarcasm) offered by the “Blog L00t!”; so in the name of good taste and all that is awesome, the weekly post is making its triumphant return! With that said… on with the l00ting!

”The Audacity of Hope Hypocrisy”

Dustin, over at “QuizLaw”, starts us off with a “neat” little story that reaffirms my distaste for both Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and the sunny state of Flori-duh. According to Dustin’s post, an employee of a Jacksonville, FL, Sam’s Club, was ”reprimanded for wearing a T-shirt with Obama’s face on it.”

“Which Obama,” you ask? Barack Obama, the 44th (and current) President of the United States of America! “That’s silly,” you say, “Why would a Sam’s Club employee be reprimanded for wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with our President on it? Maybe it’s against company policy.” Nope; the “offense” was not against company policy, and even better, the employee was reprimanded by his supervisor because “[the] supervisor told him a customer didn’t like it, and [then] . . . told him to change.” Oh, Sam’s Club, where is your sense of patriotism? Don’t you know that every time you make an employee remove an article of clothing with President Obama emblazoned on it, a terrorist gets his wings?

More on Sam’s Club’s foray into the “Audacity of Hope Hypocrisy” at (and props to) QuizLaw.

Higher Education?

Rogier van Bakel at “Nobody’s Business” wrote a hilarious post about the suspension of Colorado State University’s Police Chief/Class Lecturer Dexter Yarbrough for his alleged “blunt” and “questionable” teaching methods, which included telling his students “to provide illicit drugs [crack] to informants as payment for information.”

Rogier tells it best, in his post, ”Teach ‘Em Young”. Props to Nobody’s Business.

Baseball Caps Are Not [Presumably] Proper Inauguration Attire for U.S. Senators

Something tells me that Senator Joe Lieberman should know better than to wear a baseball cap at the Presidential Inauguration, but what do I know, I’m a Satyriconista, not a fashionista. It’s a good thing Eric Turkewitz at “The New York Personal Injury Law Blog” has a keen eye (and sharp wit, to boot!) Read more about Lieberman’s Inauguration Fashion Faux Pah, and props to “The New York Personal Injury Law Blog” .

Law Firm Orders Lawyer to Stop Publishing Erotic Fiction on Her Personal Website

The headline should be self explanatory, and Ken’s post at “Popehat” is stimulating… Read more on the story at “No Sex, Please, We’re Lawyers”, props to “Popehat” .

The Catholic Church Scares Me

Andrew Sullivan at “The Daily Dish” gives us the world reason to question the sanity of Pope Benedict XVI (aka Joey Ratz) in Sullivan’s post “The Man Benedict Has Brought In From The Cold”. Apparently, being an ex-communicated Bishop with xenophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic beliefs is no good reason for the head of the Catholic church to not welcome you back to the flock with open arms. Props to Andrew Sullivan at “The Daily Dish”.

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