Best. Fracas. Ever.

cat-fight-2Lawyers gone wild!

Tampa attorney Aimee Marie Dias walks into a bathroom at SideBern’s Restaurant on Saturday evening. She claims that she then saw a couple having sex. Then all hell broke loose.

Aimee Marie Dias, a lawyer, told police she opened the women’s bathroom door and saw George Anthony Hochschwender and Jodi Jacolow having “sexual relations.”

There was an argument and physical confrontation, and the fight spilled into the hallway, Dias told police. She said she and Jacolow went to the floor, rolling around and exchanging punches.

Ok, if it ends there, it is hilarious. But it gets better. This is Flori-duh, after all.

Hochschwender told police he was not having sex with Jacolow in the bathroom. According to the police report, Hochschwender said he is is gay and was upset that Jacolow “was calming him as a result of a poor relationship.”

Hmmm…. the “I couldn’t have been screwing her, I’m gay!” defense.

Hochschwender told police that Dias entered the bathroom, began yelling and then hit him on the face. The women then became involved in a physical confrontation, he told police, and that “spilled out into the hallway and then to the main bar floor.”

Oh what I would have given to see that. Now how much would you pay? But wait! There’s more!

While police were “sorting out the fracas,” attorney Brent Warren Yessin approached and “insisted that he was the lawyer for all the parties, but the three people involved told officers he was not.”


Those involved in the bathroom brawl decided not to press charges against each other, but Mr. Yessin was taken downtown.

Yessin was charged with obstructing or opposing an officer without violence. His bail was set at $1,000. He has been released.

Source for all quotes – Tampa Bay Online

I can’t make heads or tails of this. Were they screwing in the bathroom or not? If not, why did Dias say they were? Even if they were, I’ve walked in on people screwing in bathrooms before. Once I just laughed and cheered them on. Once I threw water on them and ran away. I never did get the urge to go all gangsta on them. Watching people fuck just doesn’t put me in the fightin’ mood.

4 Responses to Best. Fracas. Ever.

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  2. KWW says:

    I’m pretty sure that some version of those events happens at the law school’s Barristers Ball every year.

  3. compn says:

    what kind of restaraunt/bar is sideburns?

  4. sarah squella says:

    george IS gay, and he absolutely was not having sex of any sort. drunk, upset, yes…….. but that dias woman mistook what she saw and was the first one to throw a punch. hochschwender’s face was badly bruised, and he had a hell of a black eye. the fascist cops totally over-reacted.

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