Republican Party Image Overhaul is Working

The New York Times reports:

Officially, the Republican Party of Palm Beach County rejected Derek Black’s recent election as a committeeman because he failed to sign a loyalty oath.

But as Johnny Knoxville says, “That’s just paperwork.”

He is also the son of Don Black, a former national grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. At age 11, he contributed a “kids page” to his father’s “white nationalist” Web site,, where the message boards disparage nonwhites and have singled out Mr. Dinerstein, [The Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman] describing him as “another filthy stinking Jew.”

Unofficially, the Republican Party of Palm Beach has rejected Mr. Black’s election because he is a nazi.

Baby steps…

One Response to Republican Party Image Overhaul is Working

  1. LulzRulez says:

    I think I remember when Johnny Knoxville said that: wasn’t it in the movie “Jackass,” after they tried to return the trashed car to the rental place?

    Or does Knoxville say that in other places, too?

    (I’m ashamed that I’m not completely informed on this particular LULZ-source.)

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