Russian Thinks he has “Trademarked” Emoticons

Russian businessman, Oleg Teterin, has reportedly “trademarked” emoticons and thinks he will be able to extract a licensing fee from companies that try and use emoticons. (source)

Perhaps Mr. Teterin has had too much <///////////>~~~~~~~~

If we get a cease and desist letter from him, our response will be: 8======D~~~


3 Responses to Russian Thinks he has “Trademarked” Emoticons

  1. Ari says:

    There really needs to be a wider “equal” sign character. I am tired of people thinking that I have a pencil-dick when I use that one. ;)

  2. Ron Phillips says:

    Hey Oleg!

    8^O c====3

  3. LulzRulez says:

    This could make for a gr8 contest, MJR:

    “How would YOU reply to a Teterin ceast-n-desist order?”


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