Freedom From Religion Foundation Will Sue Rancho Cucamonga

November 27, 2008
A crybaby veto got this billboard taken down.  A lawsuit aims to make the city of Rancho Cucamonga pay for its part in censoring the message.

A crybaby veto got this billboard taken down. A lawsuit aims to make the city of Rancho Cucamonga pay for its part in censoring the message.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken its billboard battle to the courts. Complaint here. (For background on the story, see Imagine No Religion: Imagine No Marketplace of Ideas).

A billboard with the message “Imagine No Religion” by the Freedom From Religion Foundation was taken down by sign company General Outdoor less than a week after it went up. The move came after the city told the sign company it received 90 calls of complaint against the sign.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the organization that bills itself as an association of atheists and agnostics, said a complaint might be filed today.

“Government censorship is a big deal,” Gaylor said. “What the city did was officious.”

City Hall has denied any role in the matter, claiming it has never controlled or regulated the content of private billboards.

“The whole notion that the city is involved is absolutely not true,” said City Manager Jack Lam on Monday.

Last Thursday, Redevelopment Director Linda Daniels said a member of her staff had informed the sign company about the 90 complaints the city received regarding the billboard.

“We contacted the sign company and asked if there was a way to get it removed,” Daniels told the Daily Bulletin.

On Friday, Daniels denied making the comment. (source)

Tennessee State Bans Juicy Campus

November 27, 2008

Responding to a parent’s complaint, Tennessee State University has blocked from the university’s internet access servers. (source)

Attorney David Hudson of Nashville’s First Amendment Center had some issues with the decision:

“[TSU] is a public university, which is a governmental actor. Generally there are pretty high thresholds when government officials make content-based and viewpoint-based restrictions on speech. It certainly raises some First Amendment questions…. Students would definitely have standing.” (source)

Vanderbilt University had its own soul-searching experience with Juicy Campus. A Vandy student was the victim of a sexual assault, and someone posted a comment on Juicy Campus that the victim “deserved it.”

But despite the post, Vanderbilt chose not to block the site. “There were some on campus who wanted us to block the website, but the decision was made not to do that for freedom of speech and First Amendment rights,” says Beth Fortune, Vanderbilt’s interim vice chancellor for public affairs. “Our goal was just not to bring attention to the JuicyCampus site. We trust our students to make their best judgments on what they read and what they write.” The comment is still posted. (source)

Tennessee State’s action should come as a warning sign. Back in the 1990s, liberal academia thought that the First Amendment ended when someone got their feelings hurt. The First Amendment does not have a “crybaby exception.” When a university, especially one that is government-funded, decides that it will censor some sites, but not others, because of perceived offense from a thin-skinned crybaby, that university is not being governed responsibly. Vanderbilt got it right — treat its students like adults, and they will make adult choices (and suffer adult consequences). Tennessee State is only preparing its students to be bleating sheep in a nanny state.

Note: The article quotes one of our favorite sister-blogs, Popehat!

Thank YOU, Sarah Palin!

November 26, 2008


Perfuming America

November 26, 2008

Special Guest Author<br>Tatiana von Tauber

Special Guest Author
Tatiana von Tauber

by Tatiana von Tauber

Sarah Palin rocked my world. I have never have been so heavily involved in politics or so embarrassed to have a vagina. When I listen to Palin speak and perform, I think of Ms. Teen South Carolina. My brain screeches to a halt and my jaw drops. I want to stick a finger in my ear and wiggle out the wax – just in case I didn’t hear right. I can’t comprehend Palin’s rhetoric because she doesn’t know anything runs after her own tail, diverts to only what she knows (not what I want to hear) and then she catches me off guard with those “you betcha” winks.

I cringed when little Sarah confidently announced a Republican win was God’s “perfect will for this nation” and in his hands. Unsurprising of course, we haven’t heard a word of praise to God for his truly amazing vision that brought us a liberal black man. Instead of surrendering to the will of God and accepting his mysterious ways, Palin began to entertain name calling: “those guys [her critics] are jerks“. Her continued media bashing is unappreciative of her lucky fortune and her professionalism doesn’t sit a centimeter below her fancy wardrobe.

Palin is a world-class celebrity wannabe whose guest appearance at the local turkey slaughterhouse highlights her common status as a moose hunting feminist ditz, whose arrogance slaps those who believed in her fresh feminist appeal. Even Camille Paglia gave her a chance when stating Palin exuded “a combination of male and female qualities never seen before” as a mother with good looks, a sharp shooting moose hunter and an accomplished career woman all while balancing family; a real Frontier go-getter who possesses kiss my ass confidence. Shame her intelligence centers froze in Alaska.

Though Hillary Clinton may be a ball buster, far from pretty and low in likability, she has a real track record, exposed a sensitive side and genuine compassion for America’s future. Though feminism and politics armored Clinton with a tough exterior, she doesn’t need to charm her audience to gain popularity. Hillary Clinton may be a classic feminist bitch but considering the alternative, which do we really prefer: a ditz needing a geography lesson or bitch needing charm school?

'The winks can stay at the local bar.'

A world-class celebrity wannabe with *some* redeeming qualities. However, 'the winks can stay at the local bar.'

Personally, I’d like to see the new generation of young women create a synthesized version of Hillary Clinton’s experience, diplomacy, compassion and knowledge with Sarah Palin’s spunk, motherhood balance and beauty/sex appeal. The winks can stay at the local bar. Obviously the world was knocked over by the fem-charm Palin exhibited. It was as though she perfumed America into a hypnotic trance with her sexiness and as such, is it slightly possible that femininity itself needs a fresh perspective in a new era of feminism? Could Palin have had one thing right?

I found Palin’s confident sex appeal endearing simply because I disbelieve that a feminist can’t be sensually appealing, pretty or feminine and I challenge the old myth that femininity is a weakness. It’s possible to nurture both the womanly and intellectual qualities women have and find a balance between the two. It seems femininity alone made half the country dismiss the need of a brain. Imagine if Sarah had one.

Maybe it’s time to recreate the new feminist into a sensual, intelligent, sex-positive, open-minded and male acceptant woman. Femininity has incredible power if intellect and a decent level of diplomacy accompany it and it’s an aspect of a woman’s identity that’s been suppressed to prove women can do more than cook, clean and care for babies. If change is abound, let’s think about how to evolve feminism.

If smarter in international relations and political knowledge while toning down winking and “betcha” language, a female can be one hot momma and be president. Why the hell not? The September 2008 issue of Bazaar Magazine’s photo spread, the “American Dream”with Tyra Banks playing “first lady” is fabulous and a representation of true, hard core feminine elegance. The photos ooze class, style, sensuality and intelligence and if I were to visualize a synthesis of Hillary and Sarah, pigment aside, Bazaar’s photo spread shows us what a modern feminist might look like in the White House, First Lady or President.

“God’s will” wasn’t to change America Sarah’s way but to show us that feminine qualities are acceptable, endearing and nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps we need it back in the feminist arena. However, in confidently revealing the too often hidden feminine identity, one might wish not to exchange intelligence and common sense for it. Hint, hint, little Sarah.

Then again, maybe “God’s will” was to embarrass the hell out of our Alaskan moose hunter for her uncompassionate, over-confident, judgmental, egotist, career hungry, do-it-my-way-or-no-way being. In that case, God did well. Aren’t we glad?

Tatiana von Tauber is an artist and photographer, writer and blogger whose life is centered on exploring and understanding the philosophy of love, sexuality and eroticism and its influences on society and consciousness, growth and existential freedom and all things feminine through various artistic and creative forms.

Well, Well, Well, We aren’t all sheep after all

November 25, 2008

USA Today reports:

A passenger focus group conducted for TSA by New York City business consulting firm Blue Lime found that “unquestioning compliance has diminished.”

Rogier Van Bakel Nobody’s Business”>thinks this is a good thing:

The contingent of fed-up airline passengers who verbally challenge dumb, wasteful TSA security measures does not include those who (like me) merely engage in quiet bristling, teeth-grinding, eye-rolling, and dagger-staring. Maybe it’s time for all of us to speak up.

I concur with Rogier. You don’t need to refuse to comply, but even flunkies get it when you resist — even just a little bit. See also TSA Security Theater Proven Useless, TSA Declares Victory Anyhow

The Thanksgiving Edition Blog LooT!

November 25, 2008

W00t! W00t!  Zac's Blog L00t!

W00t! W00t! Zac's Blog L00t!

Editorial and Comment by Zac Papantoniou

Hot Chicks with Douchebags Lawsuits

QuizLawreports that three (3) Jersey girls have sued the creator of the website (and author of the equally awesome book by the same name) Hot Chicks with Douchebags over the inclusion of photos of them with men who meet the strictest standards of douchiness (“see here for a prime hot chick with douchebag” example), on both the website and in the related book… Wait, when did Jersey get hot chicks?! Read more here

Props to Seth at QuizLaw

Seattle Trademark Lawyer Explains Why Dead-Elvis Made More Than You Did Last Year

Michael Atkins, over at this post on Seattle Trademark Lawyer, comments on the “Forbes List of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities for 2008” and why dead-Elvis can still kick your paychecks’ ass.

Props to Michael Atkins at Seattle Trademark Lawyer

Memo: The Journeys in Overland Park, Kansas, Should Probably Hire Smarter Non-Racist Employees

Jon Katz, at the Underdog Blog wrote this post about one Journeys (the shoe retailer) customer who probably won’t be coming back for the awesome “After Thanksgiving Day” sales…

Why you ask? Because when the customer returned a pair of shoes, his return receipt, displayed a racial epithet instead of his name under the portion of the receipt for listing customer info.

More on the story at the Underdog Blog, props to Jon Katz

Does Obesity Confer Additional Rights To Larger Airplane Passengers?

Scott H. Greenfield at Simple Justice takes a thought provoking look at a legal issue, the highest court in Canada refused to hear.

Props to Scott H. Greenfield at Simple Justice

A Fellow “Blawg Review” Hosting Partner Will Be Hosting #188 Next Week!

Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog will be hosting the Blawg Review next week.

We here at the Legal Satyricon wanted to show Eric some love, encourage our readers to check out his post on the upcoming blawgalishisness and remind the LS faithful that the Legal Satyricon will be hosting the Blawg Review the week of Dec. 15 in honor of Bill of Rights Day!

Props to Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog


November 25, 2008

Ann Coulter’s jaw has been wired shut! (source)