More Evidence of Naomi Wolf’s Hotness

She stands her ground, but still can laugh at herself when faced with Ali G.

4 Responses to More Evidence of Naomi Wolf’s Hotness

  1. […] a laugh, here’s Wolf’s quote.  I cringed in embarrassment for her – and […]

  2. Christina Hayes says:

    The October issue of Wired contains analysis of a love letter posted on a vindictive ex-girlfriend’s blog, quoting you as concluding that the letter was published by mailing it to the girlfriend. This is inconsistent with current copyright law, which treats such letters to be unpublished. J.D. Salinger sued a publisher and author in the Second Circuit for publishing a book containing excerpts from his private correspondence and prevailed despite defendant’s fair use argument, even where the infringing book had historical and scholarly value, because copyright protects the right of first publication. Salinger v. Random House, 811 F.2d 90 (2d Cir.1987). I think the writer would have a very strong copyright claim against the girlfriend, not that suing her would necessarily be the best option. Really, she’s probably only embarrassing herself by posting it!

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I spent two hours writing a detailed answer and analysis of the question and he published a single line from it that left all the nuance out of it. I know it made me look dumb. I cringed when I read it myself.

  4. Funny how Ali G’s production crew tried their best to finagle an up-the-skirt shot with that camera angle. I got to give da Wolfe props though, she kept them knees locked tight.

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