And the Auto Admit Drumbeat Continues

The latest installment in Teh AutoAdmit Lulz hit PACER yesterday. That’s how crappy it is, I didn’t even bother to blog on it the day it was posted.

You will recall that Anthony Ciolli filed a pro se motion to quash a subpoena filed in the Western District of Virginia.

The response is here. As they say, this is TTT.

One Response to And the Auto Admit Drumbeat Continues

  1. alohajoe says:

    Starting out the response with quotes from xoxo seems a bit desperate. IMO, they included them since they think that their arguments are weak. Seems like they are resorting to the “Chewbacca Defense.” Also, footnote 76, is a pathetic swipe at Anthony. “We drug his name through the mud for no good reason and now he is suing us using our REAL names.” boo hoo hoo

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