I BELIEVE! (that Edward Bullard is an ass-hat)

State Rep. Ed Bullard (D-Miami) has decided to try and upstage Carey Baker in his quest to be the dumbest legislator in Florida (little do they know that Rhonda Storms has that title locked up).

Bullard proposed that Flori-duh become the first state in the union to produce a specialty license tag to explicitly promote a particular (pick your word) superstition/religion. (source)

When asked whether this should open the state of flori-duh’s license tags to all beliefs, Bullard said “no.”

Bullard, the plate’s sponsor, isn’t sure all groups should be able to express their preference. If atheists came up with an “I Don’t Believe” plate, for example, he would probably oppose it. (source)

Why can’t these morons just buy a bumper sticker like everyone else?

Hat tip and love to Simple Justice.

3 Responses to I BELIEVE! (that Edward Bullard is an ass-hat)

  1. CasualObserver says:

    The idiocy is astounding…

    However, you’re going to have to make that bumper-sticker in horizontal orientation

  2. Sweet, our tax dollars at work promoting mythical figures who keep us out of burning vats of sulfur (if we say the magic words). How about a plate that says “I am brainwashed” or “I refuse to exercise independent judgment or critical thinking skills.” Bullard is an organized religion pimp who has proven himself unfit for latrine duty.

  3. AGhostInTheSnow says:

    Hmmmm… after reading that bumper sticker, Tom Cruise doesn’t sound so crazy any more, does he?

    I have had this debate with many of my friends…. As much as I like to think that Scientology (and those who follow it) is a fucking nutty belief system, I only have to look at the general principles of Christianity and other major religions to receive a stinging reminder that faith in any religion requires a bit of scientific reality suspension. I mean think about it; Christianity – there’s a magical man that you can’t see, touch or hear, who watches you when you shower, defecate, masturbate and procreate. In fact, he watches you all the time (similar to that pedophile Santa Clause)! If you don’t do his bidding, when die, you go to place filled with fire, where you burn for the rest of eternity. In the process of 2000 years, the big magician impregnated a virgin, with his only son, who died for all the worlds misdeeds so that we would have a certain incident wiped clean from our records (some bitch ate an apple, that she got from a talking snake and gave it to her “friend” [who by the way, she was created from], who ate the damn thing because men will do anything, yes anything, for a hot naked woman) The son rose from the dead after 3 days and ascended back to the magical pie in the sky 40 days after that (just so that he could show off to his buddies, that he really could rise from the dead) in turn, we drink his blood and eat his body for “everlasting life” (at this point I’m willing to argue that jesus was more of a vampire than a zombie… now lazerus, that motherfucker was a zombie). Judaism- Same shit w/out all the son stuff, eat special foods, drink special wines, follow the 10 commandments supposedly handed down from the magician to Charlton Heston and you too can live peacefully in the afterlife, oh and bonus points because the fiery place doesn’t exist! Islam- similar to Judaism (though they’d never admit it), you pray 5 times a day in the direction of a big stone, instead of Charlton Heston, you get Mohamed, you can’t show his picture and when you die… drum role please… you get 72 virgins! Fuck yeah! Unless your female, then you’re pretty much screwed. Hinduism- roughly the same, except lots of magicians (including an eight armed elephant) and you don’t go anywhere when you die, you just keep coming back in different forms depending on how good you were the last time you played the game. Last, but not least, Buddhism- similar to all the others, but no animal deities, just a prince who gave up everything and died with nothing but has the pleasure of being made in to a bald fat guy placed at the forefront of all chinese restaurants.

    All that Xenu shit and aliens inhabiting peoples body’s, mixed with a daily battle to relieve those bodies of them by paying lots of money for someone to ask you stupid questions and then proclaim that your clear, doesn’t sound that off the brink, now does it?!

    – Zac (AGhostInTheSnow)

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