Susan Cartier Liebel strikes again!

Susan’s blog, Build a Solo Practice is a fantastic source of information that they don’t teach you in law school.

She seems to have taken the next step: Launching Solo Practice University. I recall reading a post on about this thought a few months ago. She taught a Law Practice course at Quinnipiac University school of law. Unfortunately, too many students signed up for her course — thus taking students away from the “never had a job” professors’ courses, so they cut her course. That’s legal education for you.

The mere fact that Solo Practice University exists is a scathing indictment of legal education in general.

The fact that she’s rushed into the breach is fantastic.

One Response to Susan Cartier Liebel strikes again!

  1. Marc,

    Thank you for the acknowledgement. I’m very excited.

    Maybe you’ll want to teach, too :^)

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