Swishhh.. swishh… swishhh…

Amazing… yesterday, I went to the doctor with Mrs. Legal Satyricon and the doc put this little microphone on her belly…

And for the first time, I heard my little one’s heartbeat….

Wow… what a rush that was.

Stay tuned for gender confirmation and ultrasound photos in a month.

One Response to Swishhh.. swishh… swishhh…

  1. shg says:

    It’s something, isn’t it?

    A funny aside. I had an echocardiogram a few weeks ago, and had the tech do a sonogram of my heart to prove to Mrs. Simple Justice that I actually have one. I got home and left it on the kitchen counter.

    My son came home from school, saw the pic and exclaimed, “that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!”

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