Oh Noes…Does Pwned

I can has liability?  Oh noes!!!

I can has liability? Oh noes!!!

  1. Anthony Ciolli of AutoAdmit Takes the Offensive
  2. Ciolli Sues Yale Law Students in AutoAdmit Scandal
  3. AutoAdmit defendant sues Yalies

UPDATE: On another post, someone asked the following question:

What do you think of the fact that your former client is now suing the attorney and plaintiffs who sued him? I note you did not sign that complaint. Just curious.

My answer to that seems relevant here:

I personally believe that Mr. Ciolli’s suit has merit. I am not licensed in PA, thus my understanding of the PA-specific claims is not exactly highly-educated. Nevertheless, from what I have read, his claims have a strong likelihood of success.

I never understood why Mr. Ciolli was a defendant in the initial action. I’m not sure that the plaintiffs did either. It always seemed to me that they were more interested in hurting Mr. Ciolli and/or holding him hostage in order to extract concessions from Mr. Cohen (the owner of AutoAdmit) than they were interested in vindicating any real legal interests. I personally would have turned in my law license before signing the complaint in Doe v. Ciolli.

As far as me not signing Ciolli’s complaint, yes, that’s true. I am not representing Mr. Ciolli in this matter. The fact that I am not participating in that matter should not imply that I don’t think that it has merit. The PA claims are beyond my expertise, and thus on that front I would lend little to the team.

I would, however, like to see Mr. Ciolli vindicated. What has happened to him was wrong, and I support him in his quest for justice. I just can’t be the man carrying the sword.

Here is the Complaint in Ciolli v. Iravani, Heller, et. al..

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    Long Live GTO!

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    Randazza = teh l33t

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    You, sir, are awesome!

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  7. […] attorneys representing Brittan Heller and Heide Iravani in the AutoAdmit suit, – and a defendant in Anthony Ciolli’s countersuit — a case that the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has allowed to go forward – in […]

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