A Call for Compassion for David Motari

Modern warfare is the most utterly uncivilized of all human experiences. Perhaps if the Equal Service Amendment were enacted, this information would make its way back to the idiots who voted to authorize this atrocity.

Like most of the country, I’ve been following the story of David Motari, the Marine who allegedly threw a puppy off a cliff in Iraq.

One thing that I find fascinating is the fact that this unjustified war has caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of innocent Americans. There are thousands of American boys who are, right now, suffering unspeakable permanent injuries and disabilities because of the lies that led us to this point.

Yet it takes a dead puppy to spike our national outrage. What does that say about us?

Sadly, our outrage may be misplaced after all.

I’m no psychiatrist, but this article on ABC News raises some interesting issues.

Having to live with the constant fear of being injured or killed might have led this Marine to take his aggression out on a defenseless animal, several psychologists said.

“Most of the time war is about chaos and the fear of being wounded or killed,” said David Spiegel, professor and associate chairman of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. “And so you’re constantly confronting those fears and one of the ways to confront that may be by showing you’re the one that renders other creatures helpless.”

“The thought is that ‘I’m not the one who gets thrown off a cliff, I’m the one doing it,'” said Spiegel.

I can understand why Motari did this. Imagine that you had no control over whether you got sent to Iraq or not. Imagine that every day, you walk through this place not knowing if you’ll be blown up, shot, or if you’ll watch your best friend die. You too might become just a little bit barbaric.

I’m not saying, in any way, that tossing the dog off the cliff was right, justified, or defensible. I’m also not saying that he should be excused, nor that he should avoid responsibility for his actions. Compassion =/= arguing for his innocence.

I am saying that the internet pig-pile on Motari is unfair. Imagine just how psychologically damaged he had to be to do such a thing. If we looked at a veteran with his legs blown off, we would be full of compassion for him, wouldn’t we?

But when we see a psychological wound like this, we hate the suffering victim?

I may be a minority of one here, but I call for an end to Motari’s crucifixion. If anyone is guilty of sadism and a lack of human feeling it is us — collectively. We cheered when our bombs started dropping on Iraq. We screamed “support our troops.” We re-elected the criminals who started this whole thing. Those of us who didn’t cheer or vote for the pigs, did we really do enough to resist? We all could have done more.

Yet we want David Motari to suffer for killing a dog?

The man is wounded. Instead of trying to hurt him more, lets show some compassion for him. I know it is difficult, but showing compassion for someone who might not deserve it — that is true compassion.

I have gotten a lot of hate mail for this post. I hope that everyone can calm down long enough to understand my point… it isn’t that what he did is right, excusable, nor that he should evade punishment.

But failing to find compassion for him diminishes us… not him.

Don’t be compassionate for him *for his benefit* be compassionate for him to the benefit of everyone else. Hatred for Motari only increases the pain. Compassion for him is a great start to a world where compassion, and not cruelty, reigns.

Be the change you want to see in the world — Gandhi

UPDATE – the soldiers in the video have been disciplined, and Motari is being kicked out of the Marines. (source). I support this decision. Despite what the uneducated commenters keep suggesting, I have never argued for Motari to evade discipline nor to evade responsibility.

178 Responses to A Call for Compassion for David Motari

  1. Windypundit says:

    The Motari pile-on has bothered me too.

    Maybe this isn’t the first time this guy has been cruel to animals, maybe he’s been a world-class dick all his life and deserves our scorn…but maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s seen or felt—or inflicted in our name—suffering beyond my comprehension, and maybe it’s damaged him.

    Let’s find out what really happened to Motari before we get too self-righteous about it.

  2. scott says:

    Oh Please…there are thousands of Marines over there facing the same things Motari is that dont resort to committing cowardly acts.

  3. Fair enough. Now go back and read this part of the post:

    I’m not saying, in any way, that tossing the dog off the cliff was right, justified, or defensible.

    What I am saying is that psychological wounds are just as real as physical wounds. It would be inappropriate of someone to come into my office spraying blood everywhere. But, if he had just been pierced by a bullet, I suppose that I could excuse it.

    Like Windypundit said, maybe this guy is just a dick, has always been one, and would be doing this in Hawaii today if he wasn’t in Iraq.

    Nobody, so far, is saying that this guy should get off without some kind of scrutiny. What I am saying, and I think Windypundit agrees, is that this is a cause for us to feel compassion — not hate. That’s what got us here in the first place.

    • Blah says:

      David Motari should have been prosecuted for murder. I don’t care what he’s been through.

      • “Murder” is when you kill a human being. Perhaps he should have been prosecuted for cruelty to animals, and I believe that he was.

        I really wish that you people would learn how to read. I have not asked that he be excused for his conduct, nor that he escape justice. One can show compassion, while simultaneously holding someone responsible for their actions.

        • diez says:

          He does not deserve compassion. You fuck up you get the consequences. He should have taken his aggression out on some sandniggers if he was so messed up. He’s a fucking coward and if i ever had the chance to meet him id fuck him up(physically).

  4. L says:

    I invite you to spend a couple of months in Monroe, WA, where Mr. Motari is from. You’ll find that there’s many more like this dude – who have yet to sign their lives away to the military, but who will because they have no other vision in life. This dude was a prick before he ever slipped into uniform. Again – let me invite you to his hometown of Monroe – where no murders are ever solved because the DNA is all the same and no one has any dental records. Actually, I take that back, a recent murder was solved last week where some deadbeat cracker beat to death his landlord. Then there was the 2 year old kid (also last week) who was hit by a truck because his loser parents thought he was old enough to supervise himself. Forget the war, all you need is a good supply of meth to bring humanity to it’s knees.

  5. Windypundit says:

    I know that lots of other people have faced the same sorts of things Motari has, and they reacted differently, but I’m inclined to be forgiving of the soldiers we send into combat.

    Notice I said “inclined.” At this point, I’m not urging compassion so much as investigation. Because I was stupid enough to comment on all this, I just forced myself to watch the video, and I’m not even sure it’s really what it appears to be. For all I know, Iraq is littered with dead animals, and these two guys were just dealing out a bit of dark humor over it.

    Or not. Like I said, let’s investigate what happened before we go nuts over it.

    In fact, even if it’s real and Motari is the jerk he appears to be, let’s not go too nuts. For one thing, it was just a dog. I don’t like cruelty to animals, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to make friends with a puppy killer, and probably he shouldn’t be allowed to run around with a gun in our name, but it really was just a dog. Let’s keep a little perspective.

    Finally, a few jerks are harassing Motari’s family over this, and that has got to stop. They’re doing exactly what Motari is accused of doing: Hurting the innocent and helpless because it makes them feel powerful. Heck, if he’s really the dick he appears to be, his family members are probably his earliest victims.

  6. philaus says:

    Yet we want David Motari to suffer for killing a dog?

    Yes. We do. His actions are intolerable. Plus, if he can do this to a poor helpless animal, imagine what else he is capable of doing (or has done). Statistics prove that animal abusers normally go on to committing other crimes.

  7. Andy Prentis says:

    Compassion for that sick, leering bastard? Not bloody likely.

  8. Moonbat Rising says:

    All for being compassionate.

    As long as he moves to your neighborhood.

  9. Wow, you’ve just trapped me in a logical conundrum.

    I don’t want to live near him either.

  10. Andy Prentis says:

    The video is REAL. Straight from the idiot’s mouth. http://www.albertastars.com/userphotos/1233_3238_R.JPG

  11. Neesi says:

    “One thing that I find fascinating is the fact that this unjustified war has caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of innocent Americans. There are thousands of American boys who are, right now, suffering unspeakable permanent injuries and disabilities because of the lies that led us to this point.

    Yet it takes a dead puppy to spike our national outrage. What does that say about us as a nation?”

    My exact thoughts when I heard this story. It was a horrible act but this happens every day to children and young soldiers. I guess the media would rather cover this story…

  12. Andrew Laine says:

    Good post. I might not agree with you on every point, but I do think you’re right in wondering what it says about us as a nation when we’re indifferent to everything until a puppy’s killed.

  13. Kim says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him at all, but I don’t want him to die!
    I’m glad this incident is getting so much publicity. Of course humans die all the time, and we feel terrible. But I’m also glad to know there are people out there who are also vocal about animal cruelty. Human rights and animal rights both need attention. I don’t want someone telling me I shouldn’t care about what he did to the puppy because I should divert more attention to atrocities happening to humans. And this is them assuming that I care more about the puppy than thousands of other people in pain. Not true, I feel bad for them all.

    The people threatening his life and his family are disgusting. He should be punished, but threatening their lives? ugh.

  14. David Morrison says:

    i say kill the SOB! i hope he arrives home in a body bag!

  15. Nel says:

    I wish somebody would throw Bush and Cheney off a cliff..Now that I would laugh at..You would solve half the problem right there.

  16. ScubaSteve says:

    Throw his ass off the cliff….problem solved

  17. arod says:

    we need to keep pressure on so this doesn’t go away. How can anyone feel sorry for him? They freaking filmed it knowing they were going to do this act. Why did they film it? He said he wanted to be “creative” and not shoot the puppy. Is that creative? He admitted it and is guilty and he got caught. Maybe people will think twice now about doing stuff like this. We need updates on this story. Thanks

  18. ADP USAF says:

    A Call for Compassion for David Motari “FUCK-HIM” hope he dies.better yet hope he kills himself.

  19. Porcelina says:

    First of all , this piece of scum made the decision to join the marines. He was not forced or drafted! So, NO I do not feel one once of compassion for this kid. Id say he is going a great job of defending our country alright. Tell me how many how bad it must be over there if these people have time for things like myspace, youtube, video recording and cell phones. Im disgusted my tax dollars are going to support a piece of trash like David Motari. The only thing I support is bring him home in a body bag.

  20. Mike Ford says:

    I think the outrage is based largely on the fact that this act is so emblematic of what we as people have become. I have little sympathy for the argument that people involved in military action should be cut some slack because of the emotional damage caused by war. We do not have mandatory military service in this country, so anyone involved in war is doing so voluntarily. The fact that many are young and impressionable is no excuse. We learned the lessons of PTSD in Vietnam and the following wars, and by now the military should know how to deal with its own.

    For any war to be tolerated the human beings involved have to be seen not as people but as things. It’s the only way our minds and consciences can accept the horrors of killing for no reason. But a puppy is seen for what it is — a defenseless creature frightened at the hands of its tormentor. In the puppy’s death we can perhaps acknowledge what we can’t when we see dead human bodies.

  21. galley says:

    this guy is a piece of scum and if he treats animals this way, how do you think he treats the civilians over there? with kid gloves? don’t think so. don’t take a high moral tone because people are upset about a puppy. NUMEROUS people have posted that this is indicative of what is wrong with violence in any form. it degrades us utterly.

    he deserves whatever he gets. and yes, i am highly aware of the inherent sadism in that response.

  22. Brett C says:

    What sickens me more is that Scumbag Motari doesn’t even think to take it to base with him and get him into the program that is sending dogs from Iraq to foster or adoptive homes here in the US. Many have done it and no one is complaining.

    He’s an idiot and I hope he gets kicked out of the military. He has no right to be in it in the first place.

  23. Angel808 says:

    Andy Prentis, where ever you found that piece of so called “straight from the idiot’s mouth” evidence. You sure as hell need to get your eyes checked. That sure isn’t David. You did a piss poor job in trying to incriminate him, with using someone else’s picture.

  24. Angel808 says:

    Yes, I feel we do need to call for compassion for him. Even though many of us don’t know everything that happens, when they get deployed, in such situations. That doesn’t mean that other men and women do the same thing. There are thousands of men and women, ordered to go places because they are told to do so. They might not like what they’re doing and yes, they still do it. They live in situations, most of us don’t have to live in. They live through things that most of us only see on the news or in movies.
    Yes he decided to join the marines, just look at it, would you consider to join the marines? Would you consider to join the military? Defend the people you love and people you don’t even know. Yes, he decided to sign the dotted line and had to sacrifice years of his life, to make yours better. As for how bad things are over there, that they have time for going online or calling family. There is a program, that the military has, that collects money, to better the welfare of our military men and women, when they are deployed into places like Iraq. So no, not all of every one’s tax dollars are going straight to things like that.

  25. P Taylor says:

    “…Imagine just how psychologically damaged he had to be to do such a thing. If we looked at a veteran with his legs blown off, we would be full of compassion for him, wouldn’t we?…”

    Charlie Manson must be really “psychologically damaged” then…THAT’s why he killed all those people. …and Jeffrey Dahmer, the psychological PAIN he must have going through to cannabolize those men…and Jack the Ripper and John Wayne Gacy…Poor guys. I really feel sorry for them.

  26. Ariade says:

    This is a very simple matter:

    DAVID MOTARI CHOSE TO JOIN THE MARINE CORPS! If he didn’t know that he stood a chance of going overseas then he’s a bigger idiot than I give him credit for.

    THE PUPPY DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE! It came into this world and happened to have come across a sadistic psychopath who CHOSE to entertain himself at the expense of his innocent life.

    Not rocket science people!

  27. JimmyK says:


    By your logic, there is no such thing as a War Crime. The situation made them act as they do.

    The part concerning no control over being sent to Iraq is false. Did they start the draft and not tell us? He JOINED of his own free will. Now, did he do so to protect and uphold American values? You will be hard pressed to argue differently.

    You defend him if you care to I ceratinly won’t.


    • jimmyC says:

      you are exactly correct. the Marines especially train to follow the laws of land warfare. we follow the rules or risk becoming what we deplore. this guy is a traitor to the millions of Marines who fought bravely while wearing the eagle, globe and anchor.

  28. Oh2tri says:

    As a taxpaying Amrican citizen this jerkoff deserves whatever punishment is due him. As one poster already stated this a-hole signed up for this (there is NO draft). By design the military is trained to prepare for war and then when the time comes to fulfill that duty and enter into conflicts such as this one. I am sure they have seen heinous stuff that I would never ever want to see, but, there is a code of conduct and laws pertaining to this kind of behavior. If this so called soldier can not work within the realm of those laws and codes then he should not be serving in the military period. Furthermore I do not want anyone like him representing the U.S., its citizens and military. Acts like that are contrary to what the miltary’s role is in Iraq. It’s no wonder that other countries hate us, and it is becasue of a-holes like ths guy. I hope he is the few. I respect our military who are in armed conflicts and representing their country in an honorable way. If you or I worked for a company e.g Mc Donalds, you had a bad customer so you decided to spit in this person’s food, and your moronic friend video taped it and it somehow got out on the INternet what do you think would/should happen? The person would be rightfully fired for embarrassing the company, violating the company policy and rules of ethics and possibly prosecuted for criminal misconduct. I expect the same thing to happen to our military personnell. I do not want to hear anyone bitch about how we should be light on this guy. This is the very reason we have rules and laws is to keep people in check so that they do not go outside of that line. This also lends to the possibility of the potential this person has for the treament of human beings. What might this person do to a POW etc?

  29. James S says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the title of your article. I am so outraged by this event that my hands are shaking as I type this. Compassion is for the compassionate. David Motari committed a horrible act for which there is no excuse. Do you honestly believe that our nation would not be equally outraged had Mr Motari been videotaped killing an Iraqi man, woman, or child? War is horrible, there is no doubt, but it does not excuse his actions in any way. Mr Motari does not deserve our compassion. He deserves to be plauged by his actions for the rest of his life. Your article has only fueled my desire to see this man pay for what he did.

  30. “Compassion is for the compassionate”

    I disagree.

    The purest form of compassion is for those who do not deserve it.

    And your hate for him diminishes you more than it diminishes him.

    I don’t defend what he did. I defend him as deserving of compassion, no matter how evil he may (or may not) be.

  31. wlloyd says:


    I was a marine for 5 years. People get affected by stress in many different ways. You expect someone to go overseas and kill people but throwing up puppy of a cliff is bad. Killing people in general is bad. When you expect people to kill others and then to be able to draw the line at Killing people good, Killing dog bad. Just head out to your local VA hospital if you could find one. See how many Vietnam Vets are screwed in the head because of what they have been throught. If it wasnt for my wife I would f–king throw my dogs of a cliff.

  32. Light says:

    Yes, it’s disturbing if he killed an innocent creature this way. But… this country – the great USA – says it’s legal to kill unborn HUMAN creatures everyday. Yet, I don’t see anyone outraged about abortion of humans nearly as much as they are over a dog… a dog! What does that say about us?

    • mike hunt says:

      nobody care about unborn children. they’re unborn for fuck’s sake! i would much rather kill a fetus than a puppy. then again, i have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the human race. puppies don’t murder innocent people, destroy their own planet, rape small children, etc. in fact, aborting children is the best way to prevent future fuckbags like David Motari. i’m not just pro-choice, i’m pro-abortion!

  33. Oh shit, who left the door open? NOW look what crawled in!

  34. TD says:

    This guy has no right to be called a human being.

    Until the day this cambag ends his meaningless life (I wish I’ll get to see that day), there will be no compassion for that psycho, not for anyone of his sick kind.
    For as long as there are beasts like this trash, I am ashamed to be living on the same plane as they are.

  35. bob says:

    What if Motari’s actions weren’t the result of stress? What if he’s just an asshole? After all, ordinary assholes under no considerable stress have tortured animals, too. In fact, most people who torture animals are neither severely traumatized by stress nor psychotic. They’re just assholes.

  36. Mike says:

    As the blog suggests, there is an important distinction between a “justification” and an “excuse.” This difference, however, warrants closer scrutiny.

    Perhaps PTSD or some such condition provides an “excuse” for throwing a puppy off a cliff, but the soldier’s actions are plainly “unjustified.” Therefore, at most, we may have an explanation. This is akin to our understanding of any repeat criminal offender.

    As a result, I could, perhaps, be made to understand why this soldier did this. But no amount of PTSD would ever make the act justified. It was mere unadulterated cruelty, unlinked to any cause or fight; simply viciousness for the sake of viciousness, maybe in an effort to quench some fearfully aggressive urge, maybe not.

    Whether against a puppy or a person, such an act may be elligible for explanation, but I see no basis to argue it should be elligible for social compassion. The bottomline is that if one is going to engage in behavior your countrymen will find reprehensible, your behavior must be justifiable or you must be prepared to face the consequences, irrespective whether you have an excuse. One of the typical consequences of unjustified morally reprehensible behavior is public outrage.

    This is simply a side-effect of existing in a social unit. It is part of how a society regulates behavior. As an American, this soldier is not entitled to claim ignorance of our values or immunity from the public’s displeasure for unjustified morally reprehensible actions. An excuse provides only an explanation; if he wants the get-out-of-jail-free card of social compassion, he’ll need a justification. Without a justification at the time of the act, he elected to bring this onto himself and his family, and must now account to his country. Anything less would be un-American.

  37. effinacotton says:

    I agree with the general consensus that its completely screwed that we get pissed off about dog. There is no doubt that the dog was treated inhumanely, and that Motari, if he did it, is sick for enjoying it so much. The larger story is that war makes people sick like that. Although, one has to address the other possibility – that in some instances people join the military because they like to kill.
    Either way, that we’re outraged at this but can’t muster sufficient sympathy for all the people, both Iraqi and American, killed and maimed by this pointless conflict to change our Iraq policy is dumbfounding. If indeed 10 Motaris were shot down by enemy forces, and it were captured on video, many wouldn’t bat an eye; but somebody throws a dog off a cliff, and NOW your up in arms?

  38. wlloyd says:

    Effinacotton and mike. Make great points. Bob also makes a great point also. He could just be and asshole. Which is probobly the case. But I just hate that people are so quick to bash him. But some people do some crazy things that they normally would not do when your in the desert for 1 to 2 years. Look at the whole region. If it was palm beach Fl. I am sure there would be less terroist attacks. Maybe that desert just make people act like assholes. Not all of them but some.

  39. Doesn't Have a choice?? says:

    Of COURSE he has a choice. Maybe instead of being a dumbass in high school and driving himself to the bottom of the intellectual barrel in America, he should have studied hard and went to college to avoid this mess. And don’t give me any BS about not being able to afford college. My parents are dirt poor and I got in on a scholarship… from studying hard!! If you can’t manage to sit yourself down and learn, maybe you deserve to be sent to Iraq. Oh, you could also move to Canada while the republicans wage their BS war. And don’t give me any crap about “patriotic duty,” this war is America’s pure narcissistic nature at its glory; trying to enforce their ideals on the rest of the world… YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE

  40. lyssa says:

    “If we looked at a veteran with his legs blown off, we would be full of compassion for him, wouldn’t we?”

    ummm not if they were torturing innocents. i think there can definitely be a middle-of-the-road approach here. it should be made clear that what he did was beyond wrong, and that it wont be tolerated by anyone. he should pay for it and we should not support those actions. but also, he should be given psychological evaluations, and treatment if necessary. if he is damaged so much that he resorts to acts of violence like this, he should be given every help possible to overcome it. and -thats- when he should receive support.

  41. Butch says:

    Motari needs to be publicly villified and then incarcerated for the rest of life. After Abu Ghraib there’s not one shred of armor left to defend Motari with. I don’t give a shit if he got shot fifteen times and lost a limb NO NON-PYSCHOPATHIC HUMAN BEING would throw a defenseless puppy off a cliff, video record it to be published for the world to see and smile the whole way. If he was coherent enough to desire to record and show the world what a Psychopath he is just out of sheer desire or need to to be recognized there’s no psychological defense there. The overwhelming outrage is basically the culmination of disgust the most American citizen’s have for the occupation in Iraq and what it has become.

  42. Butch says:

    To be honest…and I’m sure you’ve heard this more than a few times. You need to be crucified with him just for trying to use this situation to create a Horrificly offensive tag line just to draw attention to yourself and your website.

    No, “butch“, you are the first who has called for my crucifixion. How this “calls attention” to me is a little unclear. Now as my next exercise in compassion — not being angry at you. I guess that anyone who has had to deal with his parents naming him “butch” is going to be a bit irritable.

  43. TD says:

    Sorry for typos in my previous post.

    I am so angry at that shithead that I can’t think about anything else right now.

    I hope that he will be court-maritaled, and the tribunal will not go easy on him.

    I wish he will never see a single happy day in his useless existance.

    David Motari, do everyone a favor – DIE!!!!

    Noone will ever feel sorry for you, even your mother!

  44. CC says:


    There is no excuse for his actions. He’s either mentally ill or in need of a discharge or both.

    I find it humorous that we use “War” as an excuse for inexplicable actions (read: Abu Gharaib). This man needs to be court-martialed and quick.

    It’s funny how the Marine Corp. is taking so long to admit its bad. They know exactly who he is, they just don’t know what to do.

    Fucking bastard, Motari….rot in hell.

  45. CC says:

    This guy’s a fucking idiot. He’s from Monroe, WA after all. The place is white-trash central…

    Hang him!

  46. Michael says:

    You bleeding heart bastards make me ill by sticking up or even slightly condoning this sickening and inhuman behavior just because he is in a war zone and has seen some horrendous shit. I’m a Vet and I aint buying your argument at all. I had a shitty childhood, is it understandable if I beat my wife and kids? Throw them in a cell with Michael Vick and they can laugh about killing puppys for the next 15 years together.

  47. Angus says:

    I don’t give a fu*k how mentally challenging being in a war is. I don’t care how many humans you’ve killed or seen killed. I don’t f*cking care. That in no way entitles anyone to a “get out of jail free card” for being a heartless piece of $hit. If anything these punk(s) should have more respect for life. A dog (especially a puppy) is the purest symbol of innocence and love imaginable. They have every bit of intelligence and emotion as a baby human. And anyone who under any circumstances would harm one deserves to have the nuts and legs blown off by an IED. I would kill the bastard myself if I could.

  48. Kedar says:

    I totally agree with the writer here. You don’t know what he has been through, so don’t judge him with the standard of compassion you have for yourself.

    This society trained him to kill. Once in a while he is going to make a mistake of judgment and kill somebody he shouldn’t.

    And all those animal lovers here, I am sure you will turn around and put on your leather shoes and go out to munch down a burgers or chicken sandwich. You are wearing and eating dead animals. They are killed (beheaded by a machine, to be precise), sometimes in very painful and inhumane conditions. Just you don’t know it, because it is hidden very well. Don’t argue that they are raised to be eaten. That does not make their death less painful.

    Am I trying to take an objection to meat eating? No I am not. Eat what you want. But make sure you call yourself pet lover, not animal lover. There is a distinction.

  49. onyxhardwaredesigns says:

    Thank you for posting this. It is thought provoking and well put. I also found the video moving, and appreciate its inclusion here.

  50. Kedar says:

    Here, I found a video which depicts far more cruelty to animals, right here, right now.

    I dare you to watch it. If you lost your sleep over the puppy video, then let us see what happens to you now.

    To the author. Sorry for multiple comments. But you have written very well and a good discussion is going on here. Couldn’t help it.

  51. Oh2tri says:

    What I hear a lot of fools seem to insinuate is that citizens condone or do not care about innocent people getting killed etc. That is totally 100% untrue. It does not matter whether this was a dog, cat, child, or the enemy etc. The point here is that this U.S. soldier commited an act that was against all code, rules and honor within the U.S. military and would be considered criminal within the U.S. It just so happens that this idiot and his friends filmed this particular event (his buddies are just as culpable as he is) as they are all laughing and joking around. When U.S. a U.S. solider commit ANY violation of the rules code and law they should be punished to the furthest extent possible. They represent the U.S. citizens. ANd enough of the B.S about this war being illegitimate as that has zero bearing on this incident. If this A-hole were in any other conflict that you might deem legitimate he probably would have done the same damn thing. I can certainly understand being stressed by being in a war torn situation, but, that is the duty for which you signed up for, and knew it when they entered the military and are held to a higher standard as they represent the entire U.S. Hey when someone from the military signs up I am now paying part of their salary to do the job, and I expect them to do so with honor and to follow the rules. laws and codes and represent me, my family in a manner that would be respected by others. I think most U.S. citizens want peace in the world and are compassionate people, but most U.S. citizens also do not condone abhorent behavior either no matter what the root cause. And for the record as stated previously these guys do not look like they are under any kind of stress, are laughing and joking, and all of them should be punished for their role in this.

  52. I have to say that I am shocked at the level of hatred that people have for this kid.

    If I were his commanding officer, I would certainly relieve him of duty, investigate his mental stability, maybe even dishonorably discharge him (if warranted).

    But people calling for harm to him, for his legs to be blown off, for people to harass his family? Can you get a little reality here?

    I’d much rather have our fighting men behaving like Audie Murphy, but the soldier you see in the old black and white movies is a myth. War is sick and brutal. Throwing a puppy off a cliff makes me tremble with disgust too… but put it next to a picture of a child with her limbs blown off by a stray bomb and tell me which disgusts you more.

  53. dave says:

    This all so stupid. Frist of all, it’s just a fucking dog, do you know how many dogs are euthanized by being put in a vacumm chamber everyday? A lot. Second, do you realize how many people are dying everyday? Also, a lot. But with both, who cares?

    It was funny. Would I do it? No. Do I think it’s funny? Yes.

    Do I care what the fucktarded media thinks? No.

  54. Oh2tri says:

    The military should absolutely follow due process and then, pending the outcome of their investigation, do what is warranted and within the realm of their law and codes. Anyone who asks for this guy to be killed, his family harmed is just as bad as he is. Again people should be outraged when any of our military commit acts that are not within the laws of war, and are not within the code of military conduct. This act certainly crosses the line of the military code of conduct and is also cirminal in nature too. I am not sure why people keep trying to compare this to seeing some childs limbs blow off as that is not germaine to this particular case(?). People should be outraged if any U.S. military soldier commits an act that is purposely intended to harm another living being dog, cat, child or other civilian that is not a threat or combatant. There will always be collateral damage, and that is part of war, but it should not be purposeful with the intent to harm innocent beings.

  55. Shannon says:

    I say we give him an award! F8cking jerk-off… this guy needs to be thrown off a cliff. I am tired of this “We need to understand” or “We need to forgive”. I call bullsh*t. The guy threw a puppy, like a football, off a cliff. What purpose does this guy serve? I am in no way bashing the marines. I am bashing these three people who were involved.

    Tell you what… if I throw a puppy from a cliff, you can kill me.

  56. TD says:

    It’s been few days but I am as angry as before. And my outrage will not go away until Motari prosecuted in fullest.

    They executed the Nazis by hanging….

    The guy acted like a Nazi…Only a Nazi psychopath would kill someone innocent and have a good laugh about it.

  57. Jim says:

    Sorry, I’m sure its a sweet gesture. But this guy willingly signed up for his duty. If he is experiencing emotional trauma from overseas, there are avenues offered by the American military to help. It doesn’t take scholar to realize that the outrage sparked by this video is an inherent ability to empathize and see helplessness within by that puppy. Unfortunately, your right, such empathy is hardly ever seen for the ‘enemy’ in war time. But that doesn’t excuse the actions of that sick individual; actions which denote from a psychological perspective the possibility of deep-seeded sociopathic problems.

    So I will not respond to your call for compassion. I hope for one, that his guy gets all the public scorn that comes along with his actions.

  58. xenia says:

    I’m sick of all the BS being hashed out by psychologists and psychiatrist. This “modern day science” is just a hogepodge of hooplah and political incentives being thought up by the real mentally ill people(psychiatrist/psychologist). Their theories are so convoluted and in many instances are only excuses being used to justify someone’s cruel intention while incriminating those who manage to stay sane because they’re entirely too intelligent to fall for mainstream society’s gimmicks (by implying that those people are mentally ill as well.)

    As someone who has gone through much, I can assure you that pain triggers compassion for others who are suffering rather than the other way around. And anybody who claims “well all people are different” should take a good look at what it is they’re arguing_they’re just confiming that being bad is a choice and that not all people decide to become that way. Evil is the result of thinking of oneself too much, not having the brains to care about things that are not materialistic, and so on…

    This man is clearly a sociopath and his actions should be condemned to deter some other simple minded youths from following in his footsteps!

  59. I think that is enough commentary on this post. Comments are closed.

  60. Lunch Admin. says:

    Wow are you nuts? Motari is a psycho. He’s trouble, but equally troubling are bystanders like you who can’t see the hills from the trees.

  61. Ray says:

    Compassion for this sicko? You’re just as depraved as he is.

  62. Poster says:

    I find it ironic that the people so incensed by the lack of compassion towards another living creature fail to demonstrate even a small amount of compassion towards another living creature.

    He’s an animal abuser, not a death squad commander. Let’s keep some perspective here.

  63. Poster says:

    He’ll get his just deserves in due time. Don’t worry everyone.

    “incensed by the lack of compassion towards another living creature fail to demonstrate even a small amount of compassion towards another living creature.”

    Umm… the one living creature was killing the other living creature for fun… and I also think that “abuser” is putting it rather lightly.

  64. MacGhil says:

    Motari makes an appearance in this video as well:

    None of the disrespectful thugs in this video will get one iota compassion from me, including Motari. They disgrace the uniform and the USA.

  65. Lia says:

    No matter how much suffering he has been through in this war, there is no excuse for what he did. I don’t know why he did this, but it was fucked up.

    Watching that video made me sick. I seriously almost started crying when I heard that poor animal being tossed through the air, the thud it made when it landed didn’t help much either.

    While I’m not wishing this creep a death sentence, he should be serverly punished. what kind of example and image was he giving us with his actions?

  66. joe america says:

    marines are paid to be killers.

    i see nothing wrong with this.

    do what you’re paid to do. kill things and steal oil.

    good job dave keep it up!!

  67. Gina says:

    i do have to say that at first…i hated this guy..and truth be told..i still don’t like him and I surely don’t feel for him…he did what he did and he needs to be punished. As for his family on the other hand…they shouldn’t have been brought into this …they weren’t there and I’m sure they didn’t coax him in to doing such a thing. As I now sit back and think about it, a part of me wants to say throw him off of a cliff…but then the other part says that if he’s really that messed up in the head…he needs counseling. I don’t know what to think now.

  68. Irene says:

    first of all i would like to ask everyone how they can compare a human being who is capable of taking care of itself to a poor defensless puppy? if ppl are saying that he should be excused because of the things that he has seen in iraq….then what the hell did he sign up into the military for? he should have stayed at home and cried in his mommy’s lap.

    its not the animals that are doing anything to the soldiers in iraq. and please everyone knows why america is in iraq in the first place…OIL AND NOTHING ELSE…..all this crap i hear about bringing the country back to order….worry about ur own country Bush!! he couldnt even get his troops the New Orleans in time. yet he managed to get to iraq in just a few days.

    what about the food crisis right now? why is money being wasted in iraq when in should go back into the system for better use? pathetic….Bush you really are a sleeze with nothing but the wrong goals in mind and this soldier is a perfect example of one of your minions

  69. jason says:

    You didnt know that serial killers start by abusing animals?
    This clown is a disgrace to the uniform he wears, or used to wear, they kicked him out.
    I have many friends that are serving multiple tours over there in that hell hole, and none of them agreed with what they saw in that video.
    I cant believe there are people that support this ahole.
    I hope he becomes your neighbor or coworker, that would be justice.

  70. CV says:

    Fuck you! He should be begging for forgiveness!

  71. puppy says:

    we should toss him off the cliff too. what a piece of sh*t. i have no respect for him. I do not care what he did for the country, all he did was give others more reason to hate us. i hope his family gets aids

  72. another wounded puppy says:

    A blog posting from someone purporting to be David Motari claims that he threw the puppy over the cliff for several reasons: 1) dogs aren’t allowed in the base camps; 2) the base camps were not set up to accomodate life forms non-human; 3) the puppy was sick and lost anyway, why should he have carried it for miles back to a place where there were no medical provisions for him?

    Is this guy a veterinarian? Did he KNOW that puppy was sick? Does being sick justify any form of sick, cruel and unusual euthanasia?

    This Marine has a lot in common with that poor canine…he’s one sick puppy – sick in his head. Once he’s outprocessed out of MY Marine Corps, I say that a film team should be put together to film HIM being thrown off the cliff. I mean, it’s the only humane thing to do, right David?

  73. finn says:

    This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  74. Trina says:

    Your article speaks volumes. I am a Canadian standing on the other side of the window watching what is going. Yes, Motari you are a dirt bag. But after reading this I feel for the poor kid.

    I doubt he was the kind of person that out a magnifying glass over ants to watch. He is doing something couragious and brave 1) Listening to your Bush (not that ours is a saint either) 2) Protecting the rest of you sitting comfortably in your house/ offices and judging.
    Where are your combats, guns and tanks???

    Please let the kid live with what he has done. He is in trouble with the government, his address and all personal information is all over the internet, so I am sure that his house has already had a few “visitors”. His family must be mortified. What he needs now is privacy to be assessed and to begin the healing process for his sins and for whatever ailments he is mentally suffering from.

    Thank-you for such an eye opener of an article!
    Truly needed and welcomed.

  75. ugh says:

    ughhh shut UP about feeling sorry for him. if you are the kind of person who is going to throw a puppy off a cliff when you’re under stress, don’t join the army for fucks sake! and hey, if our army is SO terrible that throwing puppies off cliffs is necessary, perhaps we should look into that! FUCK this guy and FUCK the mental abuse of the marines/army!

  76. JMAC says:

    Everyone there knows what they are there for, this puppy is just chillin’ and this sub-human fuck comes over and tosses him off a cliff. I hope this fuck dies a horrible death. Do people realize that animals feel pain too? Our society is so screwed up! COMPASSION FOR THIS LOSER -NEVER, compassion for the puppy, 100%!!!!

    Luckily (unfortunatly) he got kicked out of the marines and not killed out there like the puppy.

  77. Jonathan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a member of the US Special Forces unit. We’ve been in Iraq since ’03 and NONE of us have ever complained or done things like Abu Ghraib or throw puppies off cliffs. It’s just insane! There is absolutely no excuse. Fuck your call for compassion! You are sending a veiled message that we are victims. WE are CLEARLY not. WE rule the land here and we could do it more compassionately.

  78. eric says:

    well, i am one who has been outraged by this war for years…and i’m not alone by a long shot. so i think it’s incorrect to say this incident has sparked more outrage than the war itself. for years, people who thought like me were not listened to, were labeled “unamerican” and “traitors”. now that the rest of you are catching on to the fact this war is morally wrong and illegal, it’s kind of late to say there has been no national outrage regarding this war…there has been for a long time…people like you just weren’t listening.

  79. eric says:

    Also, I just noticed you linked to Hilary Clinton as if she’s responsible for this war, how it was planned for and conducted.


    Yes, congress voted for an authorization of war. It was done to put pressure on Saddam. But Bush is the one who is responsible for this…the people who authorized have such a small % of blame it’s absolutely silly for you to link to her in your “authorize” comment. Sheesh, man…I’m supposed to take you seriously?!?

  80. Cheryl says:


  81. X says:

    I was one of the people that sent this video into CNN…and requested them to do a story. Of course war causes irreversible damage, but people that do these kinds of things, were already messed up in the head to begin with. He didnt kill the puppy because he was overseas fighting….he killed it because hes crazy. Im an ex soldier and i dont run around killing innocent animals for fun. What if it was your dog he’d tossed off a cliff, you wouldnt be so quick to say “lets find out why he did it” now would you. People wanna blame the war for everything, but thats just another type of excuse. I hate it also, but i will not let it be used to hide this nutjob. Lockem up.

    And yes I am also for throwing Bush and associates off a cliff

  82. Dante says:

    this Motari is pure trash. An idiot with a messiah complex. lot’s of other service people have seen heinous situations and have not debased themselves with this scum bag behavior.

  83. Ruth says:

    Your article on compassion for this guy totally misses the point of why people are and should be outraged. Veterinarians, farmers, possibly members of the military may have to euthanize animals at times …but the don’t stand there and laugh as they’re doing it. And the fact that the military brought charges against him takes away any hope he had of argueing that he was being kind and euthanizing the puppy.

    Also, I have no idea what you are talking about when you say, “Don’t be compassionate for him *for his benefit* be compassionate for him to the benefit of everyone else. Hatred for Motari only increases the pain. Compassion for him is a great start to a world where compassion, and not cruelty, reigns.” WTF? Wrong. Compassion for the VICTIM is a great start to affect change to where compassion, not cruelty reigns. Sometimes you have to be a little outraged at what has happened in order to be motivated towards change. Gandhi never said it would always be easy or fun.

  84. Brian H. says:

    Finally, a voice of reason. I wonder how many people who stand up for this puppy stood up for the prisoners at Abu Ghraib. I hope Motari can get on with his life after all the hateful idiots forget who he is. Thank you for your rational analysis of this issue.

  85. jaime says:

    I agree. I was outraged at first, but when I read the guys blog on Mahalo(look it up) I was instantly deflated. I’m not over there, but I do know a few who have been and I only hear horrible things about this war. I think just because it’s not as widely covered on television as vietnam was people lose sight that this war is hell for those over there. I don’t condone this guys tactics in any way, but people deal with things in different ways. Some people are wired differently, I don’t think they should be crucified for it. He’s obviously dealing with an extremely horrific situation the only way he can, by trying to make light of it. Unfortunately for him, this isn’t a situation that the rest of the world can even think about taking lightly. That’s because the majority of people in this world will never have to deal with the hell of war. Ignorance is bliss.

    That said I will stress this should not be in any way condoned, just that maybe as human beings we should actually care about what would cause someone to act in this way. This is one of our soldiers, and we should care about his welfare. It’s extremely depressing that the majority of people assume the worst about this guy and just think he’s a bad seed, and not that perhaps he’s lost his compassion out of necessity fighting this war. His job is to kill the enemy. The enemy=people. Him throwing a puppy off a cliff is so heartless, but is it really any more heartless than his actual job?

  86. Kimberly E. says:

    For anyone on here who is of the mindset, “it’s just a puppy/dog/animal” get bent. There is a direct correlation between cruelty/violence towards animals and domestic violence, murder/serial killers, rape and other violent crimes. Even if you don’t like animals, you better take notice- get off the fence. When we put up with this type of behavior because “it’s just an animal,” we are allowing a cycle of violence. Do you realize that if the scum that abuses animals were properly dealt with (imprisoned, euthanized, etc.) we would see a huge drop in violent crimes- especially those against women and children?

    Human=Animal, all life should be respected and revered, every life counts. Like children, animals are completely innocent and dependent on others to protect and care for them. We should not be rationalizing his behavior. Motari and people like him have no respect for life – they are sick and twisted – in my opinion, inhuman- a virus, a disease. I would be comfortable saying he’s probably done stuff like this before, he just never got caught. I’m glad the discharged him and he’s not representing our country- I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him- let the bastard rot in hell.

  87. Beau says:

    He does not deserve sympathy, our “understanding,” or an attempt to figure out why he did what he did. There are numerous cases of American Marines stuck in the same situation as Motari who decide to do the right thing by protecting life, including the life of innocent animals. The cases where Marines rescue abandoned and injured dogs severly outweighs any argument you people have of “the horrific situation our soldiers are in makes them act they way they do.” Bullshit. This “man,” if you can still longer call him one, is a despicable, disgusting excuse for a human being and deserves much more punishment than just simply being discharged from the Marines. Now this piece of shit is back in society with no job, no future, a dishonorable discharge, and now probably a severe resentment for animals altogether. Just wait until we find out what he does next. Stop trying to find an excuse for this horrible bastard and his sick actions.

  88. Pepe says:

    The reason is that they enlisted. If they didn’t know this war was a lie, they were stupid. If they did, they are malevolent.
    Soldiers die during wars. Personally I don’t give a damn about them. It’s the iraqi people we should care about, not government mercenaries.

  89. NoMercyForMotari says:

    This just made me sick. Your compassion is sorely misguided.

  90. Andre says:

    Well, he CHOSE to be a soldier, so he must endure all consequences that may come upon the job. But the defenseless animal does not.

    This thing dressed as a soldier must face a severe punishment, one way or another.

  91. A sensible position.

  92. blevinsj says:

    One would think people would be just as outraged about the HUMAN death…maybe everyone should be issued a sad puppy mask so that people will feel compassion for other PEOPLE.

    Who cares…there are more important issues in the world then one bad mistake some guy did on video…remember if he had not videotaped this, no one would care.

  93. John James says:

    I may agree that this should end, however Motari (nor his family, save his wife) shows no remorse for what he did – only that he was caught – your arguments can also be applied to someone on death row, does that mean we should forget the crime? You don’t seem to grasp that this behaviour is symptomatic of a far deeper problem – that’s what we react to. The lack of any sign of compassion or regret is hard to believe. You assume that we don’t care about the human deaths in Iraq, that’s assuming too much. The dog represents something that cannot defend itself from our evil. If Motari can be so callous about this dog’s life, he needs enlightenment, and it obviously is going to take more than the hate of the world to do it. His only regret is that it was filmed. Maybe it will end when he realizes that it showed the world how depraved we can be, or maybe he won’t and it won’t end.
    Perhaps we should care about why we are there in the first place, because it’s not patriotism, we were lied to, about that. It seems it was more about maintaining the access to oil reserves.

  94. james says:

    What I find truly disturbing. More disturbing than throwing a dog off a cliff, is the call for this soldier’s death. His DEATH. Over a dog. The fact that he’s trained to kill human beings really doesn’t surprise me that the experience has dehumanized the soldiers to kill a dog.

    Millions of cows are killed yearly to feed out fat faces and we take the moral high ground because we aren’t the one’s that are actually doing it. Sorry, if I’m not feeling the outrage over this issue. I do feel the outrage that so many humans are dying.

  95. james says:

    And john James, I really hope you aren’t advocating the harrassment of his family for defending their son.

  96. AAc says:

    The fact of the matter is…that what DM did was plainly an act of Evil. There IS NO other way to describe these things. And by these examples, others will sadly follow. DM and his cohorts will do nothing but bask in their deeds.

    It’s understandable that he is not, or ever was a REAL Marine. It’s truly a disgrace to think otherwise. And just WHAT are you going through that millions of others in this world AREN’T going through, on a daily basis? It’s sooooo tiring to hear all the whining so many of our vets do. As a soldier, it’s your DUTY to engage the ENEMY ….NOT defenseless animals. Where’s the compassion for the dog, here?

    And, he has a WIFE? *shaking head* Imagine what stories he will have for his grandchildren someday.

    If you didn’t look so girlish, we’d be having a “talk”….out behind the shed…Punk.

  97. AAc says:

    Throwing David off of a cliff serves no useful purpose.

    An “example” should be made out of him, and his parents. Him, for his bold and utter stupidity concerning INNOCENT life (is it any wonder why we have lost so many soldiers, if THIS is what we accept as our fighting force?)…. and his parents, for their failing him.

  98. Lee says:

    I would say that I’m a pretty spiritual person on a seriously spiritual path and I believe in nonviolence and try my best not to judge. I really do want to see us all as One. BUT…

    When I happened across this video in watching videos about the NWO and global elite, something so painful and sick rose up inside of me and I sat behind my computer in total shock and horror. I am aware that terrible things are going on out there every second…towards humanity, animals, earth. And we are doing it. Yes, we need to wake up!!! I’m against the war and I know the real dictators work behind the scenes and want one global government, bank, etc. I can see the plan unfolding every day. About the kid…

    I understand the arguments about people dying and don’t agree that a dog is just a dog. I have a dog who’s my kid because I can’t have kids. I’d defend this dog with my life. All life is equal and important. My dad was in Vietnam, got shot up, has bullet fragments in his spine, went through Hell and is down one leg. He saw horrific things, most he will never share. He is now ANTI-WAR and he knows what Bush and Co. are up to. He would be disgusted if he knew about this kid.

    NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE LIFE AWAY. NO ONE. Heck, I feel bad when I kill a tiny bug and try not to if I can help it. I cried hard when I once accidentally hit a bunny on the road. People are disconnected from their hearts because if they were truly in touch, they’d NEVER sign up to be killing machines. We Americans should be fighting for our rights right here in our country, without violence and death, to take back this country from the neocons and global elite. We have to stick together more than ever and something like this just hurts us because we lose faith in humanity.

    It’s gonna take me some time to get my head and heart around this and forgive this dude but I have to remember that I’m not perfect and I’ve messed up in my life, I’ve hurt people by words and actions, I’ve got to bring myself around to trusting in a bigger plan and allow this person to reap what he has sown just as we all do.

    Hope this makes some sense. This kid has to be fearing for his life!

  99. Jake says:

    The only compassion we should have for Motari is to allow him a few words before we throw him off a cliff.

  100. Michelle says:

    You sir, can take your bleeding heart and psychobabble bullshit and shove it!
    This man, and I use that term loosely, is nothing but an inbred dumb ass who has to pick on and kill things smaller than him to make up for his own shortcomings. He is definitely certifiable, that we do agree on, but beyond that the man is a cruel coldhearted SOB who deserves to be treated as callously as that puppy was treated by him. If he is suffering from some sort of PTSD as you seem to think, then I hope he’ll do the world a favor and blow his fucking head off and save someone else the trouble. He is a coward of the lowest form, first flaunting this horrible act, then hiding behind his family members and the anonymity of the web when the heat got to be too much for him. Eventually he will have to come out of hiding and when he does I can only hope that someone will be there to inflict the pain and suffering on him that he subjected that poor little dog to. Rot in hell David!

  101. Sithean says:

    Compassion, my ass, you bleeding heart puke.

    The only compassion I’d show him would be to choose how to die.

    A) Being mauled by dogs.

    B) Being thrown off a cliff.

    He’s a disgrace to my country and the Marine Corps. He’s a disgrace to every soldier, anywhere, who has never resorted to such a revolting, heartless, cruel act.

    I hope he spends his disgusting life so filled with regret and revulsion that it eats him up with self-hatred.

  102. Tina says:

    I have sympathy for him too – he is unfit to serve due to a possible serious mental illness. To claim, after the fact, that he “did the dog a favor” by killing it, and “got creative” by throwing it instead of shooting it is a sign this young man needs to be discharged and given some help.

    To go to war is senseless, and we have expressed outrage at our soldiers when they go overboard, but we must not engage in “idiot compassion”. This man needs tough love, to be away from violent stimuli, and to be barred from any job that gives him access to that kind of power over any being until it is clear he has healed from the trauma of being a soldier.

  103. AAc says:

    If the current “David Motari Awareness Petition” reaches success, meaning, if the persons taking this pledge against him are serious about what they are petitioning, then they mean to actively pursue the total assassination of all but his life….which will be far worse than death itself.

    It really makes you wonder who is more evil. David Motari? Or the one’s who wish the worst kinds of evil bestowed upon him?

    You know….when it comes down to it….there is no trauma in being a soldier. The trauma lies in what they face, and in what they are unable to do. Their are plenty of soldiers who have never even seen war.

  104. AAc says:


    Yet while having compassion for this guy IS the best thing we can do, battle fatigue is not a legitimate reason or excuse to detract from your job/mission to commit an atrocity. Nor is it anyone’s authority on earth, to try and ‘justify’, or make light of such despicable acts of inhumanity by embellishing their pain, injury or otherwise.

    There is no doubt that he may, in fact, have underlying emotional issues, but this world has succumb to this type of behavior by people who just simply add nothing viable to life itself. They take away from it. You say that ‘we’ want David Mortari to suffer because of what he did to that defenseless animal? Well..and that he is injured?

    What about those who have been dealt an injustice in life? Are they going to have to “learn to be” more “tolerant” of this, so that the offender is not offended by what they have done to those whom they’ve offended?? What he did WAS cause for a national outrage. Had he done that to any one of my pets, there’s no telling how awful that outcome would be. [for him]

    Let the chips fall where they may. And let people be angry if they choose. It’s called “accountability”. “We reap what we sow in this life.” And, he can ask for forgiveness. But that’s between him and his Maker.

  105. Min Kim says:

    Compassion for David Motari? Well, he is going through a lot right now so lets just throw him off a cliff.

  106. E.M says:

    There are many soldiers just like Motari out there, but you don’t see them throwing dogs off cliffs do you? He deserves more hate than he has gotten. Id like to throw that scum of a cliff, and watch him suffer, but if thats no possible just spit in his face.

  107. Aizice says:

    This guy is a fucking twat! thats wad he is! and he sums up wad the US government under that fucking Bush administration was all about… they are just fucking bullies and murderers, glorified by their positions and their passports! imagine if he hadnt held a US passport.. imagine hes a military man from any other countries.. those fucking idiots whudnt veen give him a breathing space! And fuck the US goverment! U raped Iraq of its dignity and killed millions of muslims for no reason, claiming that there was a weapon of mass destruction when clearly.. fucking clearly, there wasnt! and the cheek of that cunt Bush to confess abt the fact that they concluded there isnt any WEapon of mass destruction! FUCK U BUSH! All u wanted was the oil! Ur the terrorist too! fuck bush! If someone else does it, its a crime, but if its USA, then all is well with the world! I have enuff of the fucking lies by that twat BUSH! Fucking bastards! and for this son of a bitch, he deserves to rot in hell! even if the dog is dead, so wad? disrespect for the carcass… all he had to do if its dead, was to leave it alone… and those pyschologists are fucking Pentagon guys whose trying to revive their fucked up reputations! son of a bitch! compassion for David Motari? just sums up wad this iraq invasion is all abt… cover-ups and lame excuses!

  108. jimbob says:

    No, fuck that. Hes a piece of shit, would any of the ww1/ww2/korea (not sure about nam) vets of done this? I doubt it. And millions of soldiers go through shit every day, millions of civvilians go through shit every day but he did this not because he was a victim of his environment but because he is a fuckwit. A scumbag. No sympathy for this poor excuse for a man. I hope some extreme animal rights group fuck him up.

  109. MJ says:

    My nephew was a Marine, Infantry MOS. Three tours of Iraq, all front line. In his third tour his Lt. ordered him to shoot a dog that his unit had adopted, or face disciplinary action. Gabe refused.

    He saw as much or more than Motari, and was his age. He made his choice. So did Motari. I have no sympathy for this piece of shit, whose presence in the Armed Forces and whose pussy excuses are a slap in the face to those who have served with honor. He should be courtmartialled.

  110. OhNoes says:


  111. PissedoffStevo says:

    Fuck him

    Hang him off a cliff and tell him its
    Because you wanted to be fucking creative
    See how the Prick feels then

    And Mate about this compassion bullshit
    Are you fucking insane

    For This prick who
    Smiles as he throws a little pup off a cliff
    No compassion from me possibly a boot up the
    Arse But no compassion Im glad i live in australia
    We Dont seem to have as many psycho Fuckwits here

    O hear we go again its the “I went to war now i have
    an excuse” its almost as bad as blaiming The columbine shootings on The game Doom

    We need to get our heads around the fact That some people are fucked up assholes and thos who are deserve
    No respect or compassion mind you he doesnt deserve death Just a Good kick up the arse and a bloody psychia…… FUCK U DAVID MOTARI

    Okay im settled now but i have someone very close to me who has post traumitic stress dis…
    Finds it hard to sleep at night but really honest to god there is no excuse for anything like this None doesnt matter what has happend its not the thing A normal person would do I think this guy needs help
    for something more than post traumitic stress disorder……
    Or possibly a good kick up the arse :D

  112. Tysoe says:


    “PissedoffStevo Says:
    February 8, 2009 at 10:59 am”

    “Fuck him

    Hang him off a cliff and tell him its
    Because you wanted to be fucking creative
    See how the Prick feels then

    And Mate about this compassion bullshit
    Are you fucking insane

    For This prick who
    Smiles as he throws a little pup off a cliff
    No compassion from me possibly a boot up the
    Arse But no compassion Im glad i live in australia
    We Dont seem to have as many psycho Fuckwits here

    O hear we go again its the “I went to war now i have
    an excuse” its almost as bad as blaiming The columbine shootings on The game Doom

    We need to get our heads around the fact That some people are fucked up assholes and thos who are deserve
    No respect or compassion mind you he doesnt deserve death Just a Good kick up the arse and a bloody psychia…… FUCK U DAVID MOTARI

    Okay im settled now but i have someone very close to me who has post traumitic stress dis…
    Finds it hard to sleep at night but really honest to god there is no excuse for anything like this None doesnt matter what has happend its not the thing A normal person would do I think this guy needs help
    for something more than post traumitic stress disorder……
    Or possibly a good kick up the arse :D”


    Mate I’m from Australia too and I have to agree,
    Jesus you should have a blog!
    Accept for the over-use of the word “fuck” that shows little intelligence and de-values the gravity of the word.

    ‘cept for that though yeah, very very clear thoughts

  113. Lien Belgium says:

    He was just abusing his power.
    Just like the soldier that shot a dog to death (he had to shoot 6 times and it took several minutes inbetween the shots).
    I’m sorry that it happened but I have no compassion fot him (especially because he’s lying about why he did it).
    There is absolutely no excuse for this.
    People kill people during wars because they threatened by them.
    How on earth can you feal threatened by a little puppy.

  114. hookem 74 says:

    Oh, cry me a river over this scum.
    I think they should cut his nuts off and stuff them down his throat.
    I’m always amazed at these bleeding hearts who side with the criminal in every instance regardless of how tragic the crime may be.

  115. tim says:

    I think this backlash is perfectly acceptable. These days, you can’t just be a ‘killer’ and join the army or marines. You have to be smart, and be a fucking human being. This is unacceptable behavior especially to kill an animal in this method and film it. This kinda stuff makes American soldiers look so bad it’s terrible in the long run for morale on all fronts. This is a god damn professional military and people like this should not be in it.

    I would have court marshaled this kid back to the stone age had I been his JAG officer. His friend too, especially cause he outranked him.

    As far as compassion, according to his myspace he justifies it by saying he “had to kill it”. How about not picking up the fucking dog in the first place huh?

  116. Marc says:

    This dickhead will get what’s coming to him because enough people know about it now that someone will lash out against him and quite frankly, I support their efforts. Go get em….

  117. anonymous says:

    fuck you
    i hope david motari rots in

  118. juliana says:

    I was watching the news and this horrible video was shown on tv. american soldiers torturing stray dogs. I couldn’t even see the whole thing I had to turn the channel. how is this possible? is not enough the deaths of children and many innocent people that you have to turn around weaker creatures that are not even aware of the war? how can someone who is fighting for honor and a country is capable to do such a thing? there are tones of people supporting soldiers and pleading for them to come back safe.thinking they are doing something important for their country. I don’t want to generalized but again this shouldn’t happened at all not even by a few soldiers. soldiers represent America once they put on their uniform and they should take pride in their role and focus in their mission. stop hurting animals and if you are a soldier and see something like this speak up and put a stop to this. I know animal cruelty happens all over the world and is something will never stop but each of us can lead and put a stop whenever we are able to and whenever we can.

  119. Vash says:

    Trying to say that its psychological problems from being in war is a weak excuse, im pretty sure its not a common urge to wanna do things of this nature after getting deployed. showing compassion for him would be disgusting. things can happen in battle that can have terrible results, but can be accidental. he knew what he was doing and with a smile on his face. i would like to be at his future job interviews when he tells the employer why he was discharged. his actions will follow him forever.

  120. logan5 says:

    I pray that a great hand grabs him by the scruff of his neck and throws him into an abyss in a like manner. There is a war on as I write this, most don’t even know it exists. The war is that of humanity and which people will carry that identity into the new millennium. People who treat animals as this little rich entitled punk did are going to find REAL compassion can be just as vicious. People who fight to help animals have a better life on this planet are not the tree-huggers the media portrays them as. They are ready to fight and like this tool in the video, it is fast becoming known. It takes courage to protect the innocent, especially in this age where everything is about “power” and psuedo-toughness. Those who truly love know how to truly hate and this is the strength people like motari aren’t prepared for. He will be tossed into the abyss the same as that puppy, you can count on it. It will be done without a second thought and without debate. It will be by the same evil which brought him to the precipice. It is the spirit of the thing which closes the circle. It is the tao.

  121. Miranda says:

    I wanna find this guy. Is there another update to how shitty his life has become? His MySpace is private now and I just want to see if anyone has beat the shit outta this dude yet.

  122. Anon says:

    People that are cruel to animals end up as psychopathic killers. The fact that this waste of a human being was kicked out the Marines is irrelevant. He is still on the streets and his potential THREAT TO SOCIETY should be evaluated. I don’t want my kids coming within a 1000 miles of this degenerate. Sex offenders database? Nah ah. Bring on the animal cruelty database. Some things we can never forgive. This is one of them.

  123. Anon says:


    A 1999 Canadian study of 63 suspects who were charged with animal cruelty—ranging from severe animal neglect to intentional killing—found that 78 percent of them had also been charged with offenses involving violence, or the threat of violence, against people. A 1997 study revealed that 46 percent of criminals convicted of sexual homicide had previously committed acts of cruelty toward animals. A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found that all of them had high levels of aggression toward people as well. All the kids involved in the devastating school shootings in recent years first “practiced” on animals.

  124. Anon says:

    We will never forget. We will never forgive.

  125. patrick says:

    People seem to wonder where the outrage is for the humans that are being killed, iraqis, and american soldiers. Why focus so much rage about this puppy?
    I AM extremely outraged by the videos I have seen of american soldiers shooting at random cars, or the one where they shoot at the sheep herder, or the one where the soldier is making fun of the poor child that is suffering disease, but none of those had NAMES of soldiers, The puppy video gives a name to at leaste one.

  126. sphincter says:

    Karma will get him.

  127. Peter says:

    This guy needs to be labeled as a despicable creature, not a human being.

  128. Linn says:

    oh yeah… I agree… Karma will get him….

  129. John says:

    Compassion? Where was his compassion when the puppy was crying and whimpering?

    I spent time in the Marine Corps and have friends who’ve deployed to Iraq. Not one of us has ever (intentionally) treated a human, or an animal as cruelly as this piece of sh*t has. LCpl. Motari, you’re a disgrace to the Corps, your country and your family.

  130. Ridge says:

    If I ever come into contact with this dick, I’ll put a fucking bullet between his eyes. Believe it. This bastard will die by human hand. I hope to God that he was sexually abused as a child. I hope that his father forced his cock into David’s ass every night, and wiped the blood from his torn colon on little Davey’s face.

  131. Raisa says:

    In a way, I can understand what you are saying but a war is a war and awful in all way but a meaningless cowardly performed act like throwing this puppy over the cliff and make a joke THAT is scary and I agree with another writer who says and questions what this guy might be capable of. Normally puppies, baby animals used to be a big NO NO even for criminals and this guy even went over that border.

  132. Rahul Andra says:

    I actually agree with this article – all the people who posted retarded and abusive comments – think about this situation in David’s shoes.

  133. Kraven says:

    David Motari is a pious, patriotic 24 year old ex-Marine from Seattle, Washington, who saved America from utter destruction by tossing a terrorist, who was cleverly disguised as a puppy, over a cliff.

    David’s fellow marines recorded his valorous act and uploaded it to the internet for others to appreciate. Thankfully, they also state his name in the video so all who viewed it would know just exactly who to thank.

    • Leif says:

      The terrorist in the puppy disguise was clever, but not clever enough to fool Motari. I wonder if the “enemies of freedom” have used kitten and cartoon mice costumes yet. We need to be on guard….don’t trust kittens or cartoon mice if you want to live.

  134. Mike says:

    First of all, he wasn’t even in Iraq. He was stationed in Hawaii.

    Secondly, he threw a puppy. From a cliff.


    Why don’t you grow a heart, you fucking dipshit.

  135. tower 200 says:

    Will anybody be ready to smell a smoke smell on me?

  136. Jordan5 says:

    Marc, first off…nice website. This coming from a fellow UMASS Alum. I appreciate it. However, to post the IP address of username “Pledge” was completely unjust, especially coming from an attorney. You need to realize that what guy did was in fact vial and cowardless. People are going to express hatred. His family is to blame as well by making ridiculous comments on his character and how he was such a nice guy, etc…as far as I’m concerned the 17 secs of that video voids his “Mr.Nice Guy image.” Forever.
    I served with the Seals for 8 proud yrs and it disheartens me to see a United States Soldier act in this manner. Honestly Marc, being trained to be god and to have authority to take a human life is very powerful. I will always live by “I will only shoot at something that can shoot me first.” People die…such is life. However, people make decisions just like I did to join the military. This decision could have got me killed in Afghanistan. This puppy or any animal for that matter cannot make decisions that determines their fate. This guy should not be able to
    make this poor little guys fate for him. In closing Marc, do you really know what type of soldiers are affected psychologically during wartime and use this excuse for their unconscionable actions? THE WEAK. The military nor society, has space for such individuals. Had I witnessed this incident, Mr.Motari would have met a similar fate, except I would have snapped his neck first so that he choked on his own saliva. What he did is extremely inhumane and unfortunately, our country does not identify animal cruelty laws as a serious crime.
    Marc, your site is great and I wish you well.
    ps: “To Jordan from Seal Team V” RIP…

    • Jordan,

      I think you’re missing my point. It was vile. It was cowardly. It deserves some repercussions. I said as much.

      However, as you identify — he was weak. Yes, perhaps so. And as a result, he may have snapped. He acted out from the injuries that his weakness brought upon him. Even as he is held responsible for his actions, is he not entitled to our compassion at the same time?

      With respect to “Pledge,” I think he asked for it.

  137. Jordan5 says:


    I do understand your point, I just respectfully disagree. What happens to people who “snap” in society and take innocent lives or perhaps do horrible things to children? Do you then show them compassion? Do you recall Michael McDermott? Does he deserve compassion or would you say maybe the seven victims are the ones who deserve it? Listening to people who comment saying taking a human life is much different than throwing a dog over a cliff. A life is a life. Once again, We as people have the ability to make decisions that reflect the consequences. This guy has not been held responsible for his actions. Being discharged from the military was a blessing for this kid not a punishment. A person like this typically will not make a career out of the military.
    How about a prison sentence? Do you know what happens with people who commit animal cruelty? Probation. Maybe the military should be held accountable for employing someone like this or perhaps his parents for raising an animal who could commit such a crime. For the woman who has married this coward disgusts me too.
    The only way for retribution from violence is by violence. 9/11/01? David Motari needs to be held accountable for his actions by receiving some type of violence himself. Marc, trust me when I say this. There are a lot of bad people in our society. God forbid any of these people act out against my family or yours. Being military has nothing to do with it, are you aware of how many gang members are active military? You ask me if I should show compassion for this character? Absolutely not.

  138. Lolly says:


  139. Ryan says:

    About two years ago I ran across this video and I was mortified. It made me completely sick seeing such a senseless act on an innocent animal. I then came across a photo of David Mortari while searching for the smiling Chihuahua. I wanted to find out what happened to him and a quick search brought me here.

    I honestly find this article to be a bit ridiculous. The sententiousness oozing from it is almost unbearable.

    He hurled a puppy over a cliff without hesitation and then laughed hysterically! Before throwing it he’s mocking it saying, “Awww, look at the cute puppy.” Then when he made a statement about it he said that day he was feeling creative! Mortari didn’t see a problem with what he did and didn’t actually apologize until punishment was already dealt, which leads me to believe he was sorry for getting caught and not for actually doing something so disgusting. Does he need help? Yeah, you better believe it. Does he deserve compassion just because this sordid display was a psychosomatic response to his situation? Nope, sorry!

    You’re not making a point with any of this. One dead puppy didn’t all of a sudden spark national outrage. The revolting things US Soldiers were doing to prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison outraged people as well. You know, where US Soldiers were assaulting and sodomizing prisoners?! Pictures depicting the charred bodies of innocent children or children missing limbs in Iraq did also.

    If you can feel compassion for someone like this then, congratulations you’re a saint. However, sitting here typing up an article about how WE’RE the evil ones for not feel compassion as well makes you look like a pompous ass!

  140. Asante says:

    Perhaps there is some level of compassion that we could have for soldiers who are suffering from the psychological torments of war, but this man deserves none of it. The measure of a man is weighed in the virtuous judgments he makes on a daily basis, and whether Motari was afflicted with a psychological burden or not, he exhibited poor and immoral judgments that are not typified by a compassionate person. That is where the real outrage is in this case…not the fact that it was “just” a dog.

    All of us here would be just as outraged to see other despicable acts of war if they were made as readily accessible as this video was. As others have mentioned here, someone who displays this kind of poor judgment and lack of compassion is more likely to do so in other situations. What happens when he is faced with decisions that involve human lives? Do we really believe he would behave any more responsibly? As the other video shows, clearly his disdain for animals is present in the arrogant way he interacts with the Iraqi people. Do we want this jerkoff representing our country and meddling in our international affairs? I think not.

    There are many soldiers who are both courageous and compassionate, and even under duress they do not waiver in their principles and kill defenseless animals as a joke. When someone does waiver from their principles and displays an underlying disrespect and lack of reverence for life, that is when we are justified in holding our compassion for someone more deserving.

  141. David says:

    He admitted it was real. He deserves to be punished. He could be a serial killer, and yet you want compassion? I’ll give none.


    Keep on them. Do not let up. This guy could molest your children. Think about it.

  142. Kutless says:

    Umm, I am a bit skeptical as to whether that pup was real or not. Right when you first see the dog on the video, Motari twists his wrists just slightly, and the dog (and his legs) stays at the exact same angle relative to his arm and does not flex. Live puppies are a lot more flexible, it would seem.

    Also, do young puppies like that make that much noise when being thrown through the air? It would not be that hard to make a noise like a yelping dog.

    Adobe After Effects, maybe…?

  143. Miranda says:

    You know fucking what? I’ve been through some shit, ok? I’ve been to fucking hell and back in my life and I have seen pain, I have seen rape, I have seen murder. I have had some pretty gnarly psychological damage done to me as well in life. But NEVER, have I EVER, thought of harming an innocent animal over my own distress. And THAT was a personal conscious DECISION that I have made on my own as a good hearted person who seeks other constructive ways to let off steam. But if I ever did do something THIS DISGUSTING to an innocent animal, by all means, LET ME REAP WHAT I SOW!

    And Kutless… Yeah, it’s real. Old news babe. That was proven, AND ADMITTED BY MOTARI, two or so years ago.

    • I have seen rape, I have seen murder.

      No you haven’t. I call bullshit. Where did you see that, in your womens’ studies text books? That doesn’t count.

      • A Mad Designtist says:

        You call yourself an attorney or some shit? I highly recommend that people DO NOT go to your firm, because you obviously have NO IDEA what the fuck is going on in this world. Fucking second rate dumb ass motherfucker. Wait a minute? Now I know where all the students go that got Cs and Ds in school, YOUR FIRM HIRES THEM HA HA HA!!

        • See there … I am not really sure that you are in any position to judge Mr. Motari. Of course, I will take you at your word that you’ve not harmed an animal. But, well, I still call bullshit. Have you come out a “good person?” Sure. Maybe you have. But, I wonder how you relate to other people … not very well from what I see here.

      • mike hunt says:

        who the fuck are you to say what she has or hasn’t seen?

  144. Chairman of the Bored says:

    We have lost our rationality and perspective as a nation, as a people. This was, without a doubt, a vile and despicable act. Even if the dog was already dead, it was still an reprehensible act because the idea was to give people the impression that the dog was alive.

    But with that being said, the sheer volume of hateful rhetoric and the completely irrational remarks some of you Internet vigilantes make about how you would mete out punishment speaks volumes not only of your lack of empathy, but of a kind of a deeper “blood lust” that’s bubbling just under the surface. This seems to arise whenever it comes to a human being showing not just exceptionally poor judgement, but making any mistakes whatsoever.

    Yes it was disgusting and he’s paying the price. But his family didn’t do this, they don’t deserve these threats. This was an animal, not a human life, an animal. Defenseless, yes. It didn’t deserve it and Motari did an awful, loathsome thing, but he’s NOT unredeemable, When you’re talking about PUNISHMENT, use your brain. Think proportionality, otherwise the next time you squash a bug, someone might believe you’re deserving of the same fate.

  145. personaltransformation1 says:

    It disgusts me that this soldier did what he did. It is equally disgusting that there are so many who could be so filled with murderous rage so as to vow to torture or kill him with their own hands, etc.

    What is the difference between you and Motari? Your intention and proposed action to hurt, maim, and destroy are EXACTLY the same as his. Congratulations for being just as vile. Whatever you call him, you’ve proven you are.

  146. diane says:

    “I can understand why Motari did this. Imagine that you had no control over whether you got sent to Iraq or not. Imagine that every day, you walk through this place not knowing if you’ll be blown up, shot, or if you’ll watch your best friend die. You too might become just a little bit barbaric. ”

    WHAT he signed up with the milatary to just play with guns!? Its a sad excuse, you sign up knowing the possibility and why you are there in the first place, not just to look good and play with guns. He dereves all the criticizm he gets and it should follow him till death

  147. J says:

    Nothing justifies any act of cruelty. No matter what Motari’s been through it doesn’t justify this cruel act. Yes we should have compassion for David Motari because he is a sick human being. But should we just let it go? No. He needs to be punished under the full extend of the law, so that through it he and others may learn from it.

    How we act and protect the defenseless, even if they be animals, reflects on our humanity.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi

  148. J says:

    The outrage we display toward this cruel act needs to be made know. Because it will help stop others from doing it and thinking its funny.

    It is misplaced compassion to say we should forget Motari’s cruel act. By doing so you leave the door open to similar acts, which is even more cruel. Sometimes misplace compassion can bring even more cruelty and harm.

  149. Leif says:

    Your article was written years ago and is still drawing fire…I suspect you hit a nerve. Has your position changed at all, or are you still “doggedly” holding yer ground? Do puppies have soul’s? I think yes, but Ive no proof.

  150. Kenneth says:

    This isnt about soul or god or what ever you fucked up americans can cook up of stories.. gees fuck no wonder the fucking world hates you. this is a question of right and wrong, and what that fucking prick marine did was totallt wrong, and he should be suspended and diciplined hard. No matter if its just a puppy, you simply do not do that.. plain and simple.. YOU DONT DO THAT, it cant be justified in anyway, Hes a psycotic dick wich should be send far far away, or have some serious treatment.. anyone that has sympathy for this man is seriously fucked up in the head.

  151. rahulandra says:

    And where are you from my friend?

  152. Pointing out what no one did says:

    I am going to completely ignore the parts you cry out for a stop to Motari’s “crucifixion” and focus on the actual parts of this blog that matter.

    Now, why are you defending him with the excuse of him being psychologically scarred without any kind of proof that he even is? An unstable mind caused by “war” is a poor excuse and a convenient one at that. It is also an excuse one uses when trying to find a way to “justify” Motari’s acts. In fact, it is the ONLY excuse that can even be used.

    Yet, you don’t just think this person is naturally a messed up person? Why are we suddenly forgetting that people who are pricks like that just naturally exist? Why is it SOOO far fetched that he could have just been a bad egg? I’ve heard cruel stories from friends of kids suffocating a puppy in an old refrigerator. Honestly, step back and look at the signs. I hate how you all just rush to say “OMG! The ONLY way he could have done such a thing is if he’s got some psychological issues due to war!”

    Fuck you. “Imagine just how psychologically damaged he had to be to do such a thing.” What? Where is this bullshit coming from? Under what basis does a man HAVE to be psychologically damaged in order to kill a puppy? Re-evaluate your own analysis dude. If you think that being a marine automatically equals honorable, respectful character, you’re dead wrong. People are people regardless of their occupation, regardless of the training they went through. By my understanding and all the sensible people out there, and even by common sense, it is more highly likely that his actions are simply a part of this man’s natural character.

    1. First of all, let’s take PTSD studies. Research it yourself. The common symptoms of PTSD are flashbacks which can include not knowing where you are, disturbed memories and disturbed sleep. Violence is actually NOT a common symptom of PTSD.

    2. Exactly what another commenter said: hundreds if not THOUSANDS of military men lead the same life that you’re using as an excuse for Motari’s acts. Thousands of them do NOT resort to such acts to “relieve” their stresses.

    3. If it WAS due to mental instability (and quit listening to third party psychiatrist evaluations), then don’t you think there would have been more evidence to defend that? Shouldn’t some friend have come out and said “Hey. All you shut the hell up. This man has seen combat and has had to kill little children.” As far as I’ve scoured, no such statements were made to back up his “instability” case.

    4. Isn’t it a psychiatrist/psychologist’s JOB to find “what’s wrong” with someone mentally? Of COURSE they’re going to find some kind of “explanation” for his actions. Besides, wherever you got those evaluations from, they probably WERE trying to give him the benefit of the doubt by trying to explain what could possibly have possessed him to do so. In fact, that’s probably the question they were asked if not the point of the whole show or interview. No psychiatrist is going to publicly release that they think it’s just that man’s character. They don’t have enough to go on because that cannot be “psychologically” assessed and besides, they’d go under some major fire for saying so. All they can assess are the reasons either neurological, hormonal, or subconscious, that a person might have done this act. So honestly, all they CAN state is one side.

    If you ask me, it’s unfair to base your whole assessment on psychologists who can only give you ONE side in the first place.

    All in all, who truly is the one being biased here?

    Btw, my husband is in the infantry and is in his second deployment to a combat zone. He has seen combat. Sometimes he low crawls in his sleep and wakes up from disturbed dreams. Never has he been violent nor does he have an “unstable mind.”

    Also, how dare you compare Motari to a veteran with his legs blown off. I know a few veterans whom have lost their limbs. You know what? Maybe if Motary DID lose some limbs, there might be a little more valid excuse for mental scarring. You, however, are being way too quick assess psychological damage. What is Motari’s MOS? Has he even seen combat? You also have no education or basis on which to say that “you too might be a little barbaric.” In fact, that statement is a myth and you shouldn’t spread myths like that about our military.

    It is a common misconception that being deployed turns soldiers “barbaric.” Mental case studies have actually showed that military men “go barbaric” no more than the amount of those whom do the same in an equal population of non-ex-military civilians.

    For someone with the blog name “The Legal Satyricon,” you quite fail at the standards I expected to experience when reading. Your information is completely biased by military misconceptions and stereotypes. Your assessment of his psyche has no firm roots and you seem to be automatic to defend him. You never questioned once whether Motari’s character is simply such that he would do such a thing.

    Me? Yea, okay, I admit it could be either way. With my own eyes, ears and assessment of body language, dialogue, and background in psychology, however, all the clues point to it NOT being the act of an unstable mind due to war. Sure, he does have some issues for his character being that way in the first place. Sure, he probably isn’t “right” in the mind. He’s a prick and has a terrible character. However, people grow to be this way long before the military. It doesn’t even take years. Take those children I mentioned earlier who got their kicks from suffocating that puppy – a lot of factors went into that. They weren’t in the military. They’re kids. What’s most likely to blame? -Bad parenting or traumatic experiences that have caused them to grow into less than kind & respectful teens.

    Too quick are you to ignore any of the factors that may have brought Motari to his character beyond the military. I love how you and psychologists are so quick to jump on “war” and deployment as the excuse. War is possible, however it is one of the least likely (statistic wise) and yet most convenient reasons. Thousands of other reasons could have attributed to this man’s character. Even though this entry comes off as a “cry for compassion” toward Motari on the surface, it actually reveals your thought process or lack thereof actually.

    It reveals that you have not done research on how likely it is that he is suffering from psychological damage. It reveals that you suffer from believing common misconceptions about our military. It also reveals that you are a terrible blogger such that you can continue to spread these misconceptions. “You might be a little barbaric too” is the worst line of this whole post. Anyone might be ANYTHING at any given time in any situation. The actual *chances* of people being “a little barbaric too” are slim.

    To touch on the “crucifixion,” come on. People say shit. There’s no way you’re going to stop them and no way this blog is going to help. Let them dog-pile. The threats are probably not backed up seriously anyway. And you know what? Yea, I’m even angry enough to say “I think he should die.” It in no way means I’m so serious about it that I would kill him myself. Get with the program. This outrages people because it was cruel. War also outrages people but you know what, the American people DO have hearts. That is EXACTLY WHY we don’t condemn our soldiers for doing their jobs. We may condemn the government or the movement, but why would we crucify a soldier for doing his job? Look at it this way, people DO hate the war. People ARE outraged by the innocent deaths in this war. HOWEVER, there is NO ONE PERSON that they can dog pile on for it. Where are they going to go? Are you going to easily find one person to hate on for this? Are you going to easily come across a viral dogpile for it? Of course not. It isn’t easy to blame any one person, nor does it even make sense to. It is unfair for you to make the judgment that the American people are not outraged by the deaths on both sides, just because you can conveniently find more outraged voices in one place against David Motari.

    On what accurate basis are you judging the morals of the American people? Sure, some of the messages are a bit excessive. There is no need for “compassion” for this man. Compassion is too strong of a word for this situation and there is no way, even if mental instability were to “blame” that someone could even have compassion. I’ll use the same tactic you began this blog with: you would have compassion for a man who flew a puppy off a cliff, yet not for the man whom threw a child off a cliff, even though both were mentally scarred. After all, we need to play fair here right? Isn’t that what you’re asking? Compassion? You know what? I’m pretty sure a majority of people DO have compassion for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by way of feeling sorry that they have to be there. I DO feel compassion for our soldiers who have to experience these “hardships” you highlighted. I’m sure many people do.

    You know what?

    My compassion stops when “you don’t know what it’s like out there” is an excuse for conscious murder being joked about and done in “fun,” and not as a part of his job.

  153. Adding to that says:

    “Restraint” is what you should be asking for, not compassion. Lack of compassion doesn’t automatically mean people are going to threaten his family. Again, it seems an assumption you are insinuating. I do hope he “gets what’s coming to him,” but my lack of compassion for this individual does NOT cause me to threaten him or his family. You shouldn’t be blaming lack of compassion for people’s threats or unreasonable demeanor.

    If someone is threatening him, come on, (it is highly likely that) the last thing they are going to do is turn around and have compassion for him. Instead, ask for compassion for his family. Ask for restraint for the FAMILY’S sake, not his, and ask for restraint “possibly” because he MAY have mental issues. You’re asking more for “understanding” that he may have more going on. Compassion? That’s asking a LOT from animal lovers, people in the military, people whom are married into the military and have family in service as well.

  154. stophatin says:

    lmao come on guys, he just killed a puppy out of mental stress. east asians kill puppies all day long =)

  155. selketskiss says:

    When we think of our soldiers we think of them doing good, freeing a people who have been under the boot of a vicious dictator. They are suppose to be a reflection of us and what we stand for, the American people. When I saw him throwing that puppy off a cliff while it screams and he is laughing and the other guys says now that was just mean he starts laughing and at the end he says I do what I do. Well I believe people see a guy who would also beat his kid, beat his wife, just a rotten basta*d. Killing people when you are being shot by them is one thing, being mean to the children over there is also making sick. They should feel real lucky that I am not there as I have no tolerence for pukes who do these things. Some say well it is just a dog, well I bet he has done this many times puppies are born in litters and I bet after he threw one or more he said lets get it on video. He is a poor excuse of a human being, and this well over there they are under stress crap just won’t fly. He is a bad reflection on all of us so are the soldiers who called those kids pork eating little basta*ds. if my son did any of this you can bet your a*s when he got home he would get what is coming to him old school style.

  156. Tray says:

    When I was in Kosovo, we had to kill every stray dog in the entire region I was in. Granted, we shot them–a quick and “more humane” (if there is such a thing) way to put them down. We did as ordered. Tossing a puppy off a cliff is a pretty crappy thing to do, but as far as all the ‘tards here talking about killing him, get a grip. If it was a human baby, sure, shoot the prick, but it was a puppy. I’m not saying it was right, but it’s funny how weak we have become and that we care more about animals than our own. Should he get an ass-whipping? Undoubtedly. But death?! Nope. I do wonder if they’d been ordered to kill all the strays as my unit had and he just went about it in a really bad way…

  157. Rick says:

    I’d like to have compassion for Motari, but about the best I can do is to conclude that he is a disgrace to the uniform and one messed up individual. He makes matters worse with his half-hearted, “apology.”

  158. michael miller says:

    I would hunt and kill that fuck face If I lived in the US no prob but I hope someone out there eliminates him.

  159. michael miller says:

    Ive read your post and have come to the conclusion that I would also hunt and kill you If I lived in the US no prob but I hope someone out there eliminates you as well.

  160. mayhem says:

    It’s a shame that so many stupid people are defending this sick bastard; he is a disgrace to the uniform that is proudly worn by so many real soldiers. I wish we had a better education system in this country so that the morons who are defending him were at least capable of rational, compassionate thought. These people don’t have a clue how stupid they are, probably because they are surrounded by equally moronic friends. Sad.

  161. The real deal says:

    David Motari is scum,He did have a choice to goto Iraq when he signed up.Nobody put a gun to this fucks head and said you have to be a Marine. Fuck him and what ever he gets he deserves.

  162. No one makes him to go to the military, he made his choice. He probably was f&&ed up before he went there, now he has the place to give in to his sickness… War is the biggest evil that can happen to humanity but you have some kind of awareness when you join the army that you will be exposed to that evil. This video with puppy proves only that the guy is a sick bastard. Please don’t blame war for his behavior. Puppy is innocent, he is not the enemy and yet this sick fu&k kills it, he kills the innocent, he kills and he smiles, he is enjoying himself. This cannot be justified.

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