Baldwin, Florida – Another Day, Another Peckerwood Town Passes Another Dumb Law

A town that is probably a poster-zone for the Mullets Galore website don’t seem to have no cause to be tellin’ nobody how to dress. Nevertheless, Baldwin, Florida is the latest racist peckerwood town to waste its time passing an unconstitutional law against them damn kids and their baggy pants. St. Pete Times story.

The new law in this little place in northeast Florida makes it illegal within town limits to wear baggy, below-the-butt pants, and comes with punishments ranging from 40 hours of community service to a $500 fine. The five-person Town Council passed it last month unanimously.

Do you think that the racist hee-haw junkies that run this town are considering banning Mullets? How about Oakley sunglasses? Fat white women in “mom jeans?” Jean shorts on men?

Although these fashion disasters are just as bad as low-rider pants (which I agree look stupid as all hell), they come from the trailer-park side of the tracks. And y’all don’t mess with that in these here parts.

Baldwin Town Council member Guy Ambrose proposed the law. He is quoted as saying: “This town, in a lot of ways, built who I am. I think we’re losing that nowadays.”

If Mr. Ambrose is losing what he is because of low-rider pants, my assessment is that he wasn’t much to begin with.

If freedom doesn’t mean being free to wear what you want, no matter how dumb it may look, then what the hell does freedom really mean?

Do you really want this pork-rind eating, Hee-Haw watching moron deciding what you can and can’t wear?

Lets recap:

This is legal attire in Baldwin:

This is jes’ fine!

This? A-ok, Bubba!

This too – legal as tap water:

but this is illegal:

Any questions?

25 Responses to Baldwin, Florida – Another Day, Another Peckerwood Town Passes Another Dumb Law

  1. Alan says:

    Wow, I am now even more ashamed to call myself a Floridian than I was after the hanging chad incident!

  2. Richard says:

    Bubba doan ‘laow nuffin diffunt fum hisself ‘roun theah!

  3. Brad says:

    I think more towns should make it illegal for chicks *not* to wear low-riding, g-string-exposing pants.

  4. Jean Moore says:

    Check the Town of Baldwin out soon. We have a new Mayor after 20 years. Yes, CHANGE has finally come to the TOWN OF BALDWIN. More changes are coming WITHIN THE CITY COUNCIL during the next election ALSO—WATCH!


  5. Guy Ambrose says:

    I know you may all be quite surprised to find I am not the streotypical “peckerwood” you have portrayed me to be. I spent 30 years of my life in the U.S. Army protecting our and yes your way of life. I put my life on the line for you so that you would and will have the right to slander me on the world wide web. I am niether racist nor am I a “peckerwood” I am simply someone who is willing to stand up and say enough. I fought for the right to say, I DON”T WANT TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR. Apparently from the positive reponses I have recieved from numerous people there are a lot of people who feel the same way. I am trying not to be resentful of your website representing me as a semi-literate redneck attempting to infringe on the rights of others and their freedom of expression. Instead of your one-sided tirade based on ignorance why did you not have the decency, the intestinal fortitude, to ask why I did what I did. But, you didn’t, you chose to stereotype me. Again out of pure ignorance and intolerance. Additionally, stereotyping is just another word for racism.

  6. blevinsj says:

    Since when did “I fought for my country so I have a superior right to rule your life” become a valid defense to bad legislation and dumb ideals.

    So if I enlist in the Army, I am allowed to come back to Baldwin and sign legislation that outlaws denim shirts? I think it is time to stand up and say enough is enough! Denim is for jeans ONLY. I will then end with “I fought for my country and put my life on the line to say I do not want to see denim shirts!”

    An an unexpected side effect, I will then pronounce “America” as “Amrrrica.”

    Way to clear your name Ambrose.

  7. Mr. Ambrose,

    Nice of you to finally join the party.

    You have every right to *say* that you don’t want to see someone’s underwear. Unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten the difference between a citizen expressing his opinion, and a peckerwood taking office and imposing his personal taste on the citizens who live in (or travel through) his municipality.

    This law is clearly based in racism.

    Had you simply proposed a comprehensive “no crappy fashion” law, it would still be unconstitutional. However, it would have, at least, been racially neutral. You chose to target a style of dress that originated with, and is identified with, African American youth culture. That, in my eyes, is racist.

    As far as painting you as a semi-literate redneck goes, heh, you’ve done a fine job of that all on your own. Please return and use the ALL CAPS style… it really drives your point home. (On the other hand, when you take months to reply to a post about your political moves, one would think you would at least use spell check before posting).

    And, lets get one major thing straight. You didn’t do a damn thing for *my* freedom. New York Times v. Sullivan gave me the right to post this, not you. Don’t you come slithering around here trying to take credit for it.

  8. Guy Ambrose says:

    Obviously, this is not a forum for someone to expect to be heard with an opposing viewpoint. I guess I shouldn’t have bothered. Small minds and even smaller intellects again have won the day.

  9. Guy Ambrose says:

    As a final note, this will be my last sally into this territory, so have your way with my corpse.

  10. Cap'n Matty says:

    Marc, where oh where did you find “Mullets Galore”? Weren’t those banned by the fashion police in 1983?

    I propose a nationwide ban on muffin tops. At least until the belly shirt fad passes.

  11. blevinsj says:

    I find it amusing that people think their viewpoint is not accepted by a certain forum. Acceptance is not what the Constiution protects, it protects TOLERANCE. Tolerance is shown by allowing opposing posts and allowing counterpoints.

    However, Mr. Ambrose, you did not back up your “viewpoint.” You simply attempted to defend the “slander.” You did not attempt to defend you legislation. You did not present any arguments, except the “I fought for my country” defense. I read the story on your new law…no one interviewed presented a good/lawful/common sense reason for the legislation. The only argument presented was “it is time to stand up.” Stand up to what? Style? Children? I am not sure what evil your law is tailored against.

    The Constitution protects tolerance of bad style. See generally, bell bottoms; jean shorts, overalls, trucker hats, baggy pants, shirt and tie at a football game, smoking jackets, afro, mullets, etc…

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  13. samiam says:

    I just “happened” across this site and was so saddened to see what is a great town trashed by people who most likely have never even visited Baldwin. In spite of the pictures posted (which included some random shots not from any Baldwin i know) Baldwin is not infested with mullet headed, overall wearing, toothless, beer drinking rednecks! It is a nice friendly community that has a very low crime rate, non existant hate crime rate, and is one of the few places left where it is safe to let your children play outside or ride thier bikes, people care about their neighbors, citizens are proud of their community and country. If the critics really were interested to visit they would find some “good ole boys” but they would also find intelligent, talented and yes tastefully dressed people. The pants issue -if most would be honest – who really wants to see kids walking around having to hold up thier pants?? Racist? No -just think it looks stupid and why all that energy is being spent on holding them up? I just don’t get it, but please don’t trash a lovely town that you probably have not visited by one law-if you visited our town i think you would see that it is far from a “racist” community, and that we have many town wide gatherings that are open and attended by all-4th of July, thanksgiving, homecomings, and Christmas celebration just to name a few! Again we love our town!

  14. I’ve been to your town. It is a toilet.

    I don’t want to see kids walking around with their underwear showing either. I also don’t want the KKK to exist, I don’t want people to be allowed to wear Oakleys or jean shorts either. But, for better or worse, I live in a free country.

    If Baldwin would prefer to be outside of that free country, put a proposal forth for secession (again) and perhaps this time, the dang yankees will let you go.

  15. Sunonme says:

    I went to school in Baldwin, and I had classes with Guy Ambrose, he was a wonderful and very kind person. I also went to school with the Mayor, We never wore I pants down with our underwear hanging out , I thought this was a Prison thing, advertising for sex…..I hate seeing this, I see it as a sign of Trash. I wish every City in the USA, would ban this, and saying what you did about Baldwin was all wrong, Check out the town and see how small it is, and while your visiting check out the Churches, always full on Sundays, and Wednesdays. You can eat at “Everybodys” and personally meet all the Rednecks, and as far as Mullets, I really don’t recall seeing any of these in Baldwin, most Rednecks keep the Hair trimmed, because they work for a living, and not running around with their butts hanging out.

  16. Jan says:

    I lived in Baldwin some years ago and I loved it! It was the kind of town that people pretty much wore what the liked where they liked…Back then we didn’t have low pants..we had short shorts,,everybody looked at them..Nobody outlawed them! l Of course Baldwin had it’s on police dept and almost everyone knew everyone…and everybody from the Baldwin Catfish to the Chief of Police were friends….wonder what ever happened to Catfish? He was a good friend…So I say let the people be comfortable and let people still speak to each other on the street…no matter what kind of clothes they are wearing…Clothes Does Not Make The Man/ Woman!!! Jan

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  20. brown says:

    i was raised in this town and went to school here. this town has alway been a racist and regressive town. if you ride thru they only take care of and fix up everything in between the rail road tracks things outside is overlooked. also being a non-white person makes it harder in this town. when you walk into their one of three 3 restaurants in the city limits called everybody’s they have all white waitress and blacks cook in the back. when someone like me walk in there they stare at me until i leave. the new mayor hasnt changed the drum beat. the whole baggy pants idea is regressive that defies someone’s culture and where is the freedom in that. all the blacks stay outside of the railroad tracks. very segregated place. when i was in high school here a white girl told me that race mixing was a sin. this is the thinking of this town. oh yeah what is up with certain people in the military always say they are fighting for our freedom . actually that is the dumbest thing i ever heard. serving the military doesnt give that person the right to make a choice of culture for someone else. ass backward town. there are no blacks/brown in the administration of baldwin.

  21. David says:

    Okay, I live in Baldwin and I don’t believe this is something racist, it’s just something that had to be done, and believe it or not, there are not no-good rednecks here in Baldwin. How can you slander something without even being in the place. And no, all of those pictures are NOT typical attire in Baldwin.

  22. BIG MIKE says:

    I use 2 go 2 baldwin high. and b4 i got there i never a knew towns like that even exsited. Really. I feel sorry 4 all u racist ass white people, bcuz when u turn ur back or die off ur lil precouis Bobby Jo and Sandy Sue will cum 2 us. and from here on out, i will impregnate as many of ur lil darling white trash duaghters. and fuck ur lil white pride family tree up

  23. BIG MIKE says:

    i wonder how Guy feels about the kkk. bcuz this is a petty. people r always tryin 2 deAl wit the bull. and not the important issues. all the time and energy u waste on this topic for what. and its so much other stuff goin on, and yall still messin wit black folk. the reason yOu made this law bcuz u feel like baldwin is yall town. but its not. im so ready 4 ur time 2 be up. and im not talking about ur office time. YOU have 2 be at least 40 years older than me, but its mean nothing bcuz ur ignorant. ur no good white trash. I guess i have 2 put sum nut cutters and sum justin boots on 2 get ur approval. SYKE. To real 4 dat. Jus stop b.sin. and go head and put your kkk hood on so i can knock it off. AND I CAN KEEP GOIN. all this stuff i was taught at baldwin high about our good 1st president george washington. its b.s.. dat kracker raped slaves and u probaly did 2.

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