Patriots File for “19-0” Trademark

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Filing for a 19-0 trademark before the Superbowl… Hubris? Smart business? I guess we’ll know tonight.

On January 17, Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots filed two trademark applications for “19-0” and “19-0 The Perfect Season”. The applications are filed as “intent to use” (ITU) applications under section 1(b). Naturally, 19-0 has not yet been used in commerce. If all goes well today, I suppose that it will be used in commerce within a few seconds of the end of the Superbowl.

I see possible issues with this application. It seems to me that the Patriots shouldn’t be the only organization to sell T shirts that say “19-0.” Nevertheless, it might proceed to registration.

There is a bit of a conflict here too. A man by the name of William Harpole filed his own application for “19-0 The Perfect Season” back on November 8. However, I get the feeling that Mr. Harpole will not succeed in his quest to squat on the trademark. In order to properly file an ITU, the applicant must have a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce. Looking at Mr. Harpole’s application, I doubt that he has the intent to do anything except squat on the trademark rights.

ESPN needs new legal advisors.

I just heard an ESPN broadcast where they said that Harpole “patented” the term.

ESPN, please do your homework. You register a trademark, not patent a word.

They also reported that Kraft might settle with him for 5 percent of his anticipated profits.

That is not only wrong, but abjectly stupid to report.

14 Responses to Patriots File for “19-0” Trademark

  1. K-Dub says:

    Maybe “18-1” is still available. No allegation of use required. ouch

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  3. Jeff Rivera says:

    As a Dolphins fan, nothing made me happier than seeing this blow up in their face. Hubris is an understatement…

  4. Josh says:

    A lot of good it will do them now…

    Maybe they should file a trademark for “18-1: The Almost Perfect Season.”

  5. lmaosomuchforthat says:

    what a waste 18-1 and no super bowl i think is still available to be trademarked though

  6. Mike says:

    Now its a moot point unless he thinks his team will get to 19-0 next year…

  7. Gosh. too bad the Patriots lost. . .

  8. 18-1 says:

    The trademark ’18-1; The perfect upset’ will be a better seller.

  9. SportsFan says:

    What do you expect from ESPN?!?

    AAAAHHHHHAA!!! How about that UPSET?!? I guess they shouldn’t act like they’ve won the game until they ACTUALLY WIN it!!!

  10. saskboy says:

    Oh, people love a flop :-)

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  12. RNUK says:

    18-1 is no longer available as the Giants filed for this after they heard the news of the 19-0 patent file!

  13. carl says:

    Your all dopes, please lets not mix doing smart business with being lifted up!!! If it wasn’t for the Patriots the whole NFL season would have been a bore. The Patriots made us want to watch football again. By the way it would be nice if 1 just 1 of you fans or players at least thank them for that!!!

  14. New Englander says:

    Wow, Carl. “Your” a dope, too, apparently. The Patriots didn’t make the season interesting, they just won a few games in a row. Let’s please not confuse the fact that you only wanted to watch their games with the fact that I, and I’m sure many others, did not. I still enjoy watching football, regardless of what they do.

    As far as thanks go, I’m pretty sure that their salaries, coupled with the royalties they receive for their likenesses, etc., are all the thanks they need.

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