Bob Allen Convicted

I guess that the greatest-excuse-ever (“I offered him $20 and oral sex because I am afraid of black men”) didn’t fly with the jury.

However, if the Orlando Sentinel story is correct, there might be some reversible error in this case. Florida state Rep. Bob Allen guilty in bathroom-sex case – Orlando Sentinel.

Bless his heart, Allen says that he is going to run for re-election.

I don’t particularly care about what Bob Allen did. If someone wants to ask someone else if they’d like to have sex with them, even for money, I think that they should have the liberty to do so – as long as they’ll take “no thank you” for an answer. But, when a politician makes a career trumpeting his “pro-family” stance (not to be confused with “wide stance“), and he comes crashing down in a messy-haired mugshot mudslide, I do laugh heartily.

In this recently discovered security photo, a pre-alcoholic Joe Namath ponders his choices. Should he part with his 20 dollars and his oral virginity, or suffer the consequences of enraging the negroid milkman? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

3 Responses to Bob Allen Convicted

  1. Mr Furious says:

    Any thoughts on this portion of Allen’s legal struggle?

    Because of the nature of the crime, prosecutors said, Allen would have to undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases. The results, they said, would be made public.

    That seems more than a bit excessive. Hilarious (my shadenfreude runneth over), but excessive. Unless there’s a new STD passed solely by talking…

  2. It is a bit excessive and crazy, but this is the kind of law that politicians like Allen ram through in order to be seen as being “tough on perverts.”

    I haven’t researched this, but I would bet that Allen voted for the very law that is now going to expose his STD test results. Anyone out there care to look it up?

  3. Mr Furious says:

    “…I would bet that Allen voted for the very law…”

    LOL, first thing I thought, too.

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