Cliff Heller – Updated

It has been six months since “the incident.”

I’ve obviously not taken it very well.

Rest in Slack, my Brother.

This probably seems irrelevant until 3:00 or so. 2:10 it really makes sense.

2 Responses to Cliff Heller – Updated

  1. Martza Majstoravich says:

    I’m extremely sorry about your best friend. At the risk of sounding like Oprah, cherish the memories you have of him. At worst, he is gone. At best, you were lucky enough to realize he was your best friend in the time you knew him, and in the video alone it is clear you shared good times with him.

    Remember that he did not choose to leave you. Heller did not move away and never call you again. He did not stop talking to you because of some petty argument. It just happened. And that sucks.

    Will you have another best friend? Without a doubt. Will he take Heller’s place? No, everyone is unique, but someone is out there. He might be even training in ultimate fighting right now so he would be able to have your back.

  2. […] at a conference together in Arizona about two months later, and I wanted to go to the spot where Cliff merged with the infinite. Rob was the designated driver for that little trip, and has been a good […]

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