Good Ol’ Grady Judd

Florida’s favorite anti-First Amendment crusader, Polk County sheriff Grady Judd, recently said one of the most foolish (and if you think about it — scary) things I’ve ever seen in print. Judd said. “I could write the inside story on criminals who hide under the cover of free speech.” Hide under the cover of free speech? Is this guy for real?

This is a guy who Christopher Wilson describes as an “ultra-conservative redneck sheriff.” (source). I believe that Chris was being quite kind in describing Judd that way. Of course, Judd thought that Wilson belonged in prison for 100 years because Wilson posted some “dirty pictures.” See “Casualty of Porn.” This is what Judd considers to be “crime.” Consenting adults looking at pictures of other consenting adults = crime.

I disagree with Wilson on one issue. Judd is no “conservative.” Conservatives believe in reduced government involvement in our private lives. Judd is a buffoon who panders to the worst of the religious nut jobs who wish to foist their own censorial views on the rest of us. He should not be sheriff, nor even a law enforcement officer. He has no respect for his oath of office (the portion that says “I will uphold and defend the Constitution…”), and is a threat to freedom. Lets face it, Al Qaeda never tried to take away my First Amendment rights. Judd would be right at home in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Perhaps their home-grown morality police could recruit him and save the rest of us his antics? Please?

His comments are here in the Lakeland Ledger. I encourage you to visit that post and place your own comments alongside his.

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  3. Jim Breedon says:

    Professor Randazza leaves something to be desired in his understanding of the 1st Amendment. His ability to rant about Grady Judd, known to some of us as Corky, and not be shot 68 times is a testament to Sheriff Judd’s understanding of the 1st Amendment.

    Grady once told me his job was to enforce the law, regardless of who broke it. He said he’d arrest his mother if she broke the law, and I believe he would. If a pornographer was arrested, it was because he broke the ordinances of Polk County, or the laws of the State of Florida or the Laws of the United States of America.

    The United States Supreme Court has addressed the pornography issue and stated the community sets the standards for determining what is pornographic. Perhaps the good citizens of Polk County should come up with a way to show Professor Randazza some “Good ‘Ole Southern Hospitality. Or maybe he’d like to face the PCSO Swat Team in and Armed Stand-off. My Money is on Hospitality and the SWAT team.

    • Muhammad Ramoon says:

      Oh my… So Big Bad Grady’s job is to enforce the law, regardless of who breaks it eh? Well, i guess he should take a better look at his own “posse”. Numerous offenses smoothed over like a peanut butter sandwich do not a model Sherrif’s office make.

      or perhaps investigating his own skeletons would arouse the Polk county “communities” from their 50 year slumber.

      We aren’t in the 1950’s anymore Grady. This is the New age and the “Good ‘Ole Southern Hospitality” Mr. Breedon is suggesting is offensive to Intelligent Human beings.

      Take your Tyrannical and dictatorship views of the world and put them back in the coffers of your church, where they belong.

      • Jim Breedon says:

        Self Proclaimed ‘Professor Ramoon,” Perhaps your should stick to developing single heritage schools in Afghanistan. You have no knowledge of the constitution or laws of the United States. You allude to numerous offenses being smoothed over. Innuendo and false accusations are the New Age way. I’m glad I’m smart enough to see through the New Age garbage and not be swayed by persons who advocate it as a progressive way of life.

        While Grady Judd may not meet your definition of a Christian Gentleman and a great Law Enforcement Officer, the citizens of Polk County don’t seem to agree with you.

        The perverted views of persons, such as yourself, are an indication of what is truly wrong with our world. Regardless of your religious views, a eye for an eye is not tyrannical. In areas where law and order are maintained, by people such as Sheriff Judd, people tend to live better lives.

        I, personally, can’t understand how anything I say could be offensive to you. You have yet to show signs of being an “Intelligent Human being.”

        Speak forth Obama/Osama sympathizer.

        Until you’ve served this great country and put your life on the line for the right of people, such as yourself, you really have very little standing in this debate.

        The fact remains, a scumbag killed a deputy sheriff. The scumbag ran and hid like the maggot he was. When he had a choice of surrender or death, he chose death over facing a jury of his peers. His Choice, not the SWAT Team’s. He was give a chance he never gave the man he murdered in cold blood.

        “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

        Thank God there are still a few good men willing to lay it all on the line to make a difference.

        You were right about us not being in the 1950’s. If we were, September 11, 2001 would have never happened.

  4. Tanner Andrews says:

    Mr. Breeden’s “[m]oney is on Hospitality and the SWAT team.”
    I am of the view that such a method of debate, where on the one hand one has an individual and on the other hand the armed might of government, is offensive to the First Amendment.

    The idea of debate is to reach the truth. If you kill the view which you do not wish to hear, you remain steadfast in your conviction, but you really have not demonstrated the truth of your position.

    • Jim Breedon says:

      Tanner, Learn to spell then enter the conversation. There was nothing in The dual heritage guys comments that indicated the truth of anything.

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