Imus and Free Speech

One Response to Imus and Free Speech

  1. Mekhong Kurt says:

    Was Imus gross? Yes.

    Should he be fired — for business reasons? Maybe.

    IS what he said constitutionally protected? Well, that may well *depend.*

    What I mean is that it depends on the constitutional standard applied. If we apply the widely accepted notion of the meaning of free speech, then yes, it is. However, if we think about the countless cases in which it has been ruled that shouting “Fire!” falsely in a public place is *not* constitutionally defended, then it’s probably not.

    Imus’ ignorant utterances might, conceivably, have started a riot somewhere.

    In any case, if his bosses think the only way for him to make any lucre for them is to be offensive, then maybe THEY need a new business model.

    In fairness to them, people who eat that stuff up need to get a life.

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