The FBI Must be Really Bored

It appears that the FBI is sending agents into the online game, “Second Life” to investigate the virtual casinos there.

2 Responses to The FBI Must be Really Bored

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  2. ryanpatrick says:

    This could be a potentially large problem in the future. Second Life is a game where people basically live out another life in a virtual world, including spending real money for virtual things. If the casinos are only using the “Lindens” and not real money they will probably be okay, but like off-shore gaming institutions and such if credit card numbers or real accounts become linked they will of course have a big problem.

    Who is responsible is another question however, as the Second Life world is largely user created and driven. As for the future as we become more interconnected globally through networks I can envision a huge problem. Think about all the user names and accounts we have now for anything we do on a computer – it isn’t that big of a stretch to turn one of those accounts into a representation online for yourself as far as conducting business and other activities goes. We already do it anyway – IM names, account names, myspace, and so on – the leap in my mind isn’t so far.

    Ryan Patrick

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