Breakfast is bad for you

By J. DeVoy

If you’re wondering why you’re more productive in the afternoon, and tired, hungry and grumpy in the morning, it’s probably because you’re eating breakfast.  Martin Berkhan spells it out in excruciating (but exceptional) detail here.  Basically, when you eat breakfast, you eat it within a window where your body is in a heightened response state, and thus breaks down and digests breakfast faster than any other meal.  The result is that two hours later, you’re starving, irritable and distracted.  Not a good combination when lunch is at some uncertain point on the horizon.  In contrast, not eating breakfast will save you from that misery and free up an additional .2-.4 to make money for your law firm overlords.

But isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

No.  While the first meal you eat in a day – literally breaking your fast – may be the day’s most important, “breakfast” as it has come to be understood as eating pop tarts before 8 am is very bad for you.  I am sorry that you fell for General Mills’ propaganda.

But aren’t you supposed to eat small days throughout the day to speed up your metabolism?

No.  There is no science supporting that claim.  Do you just believe everything people tell you?  I bet you think your parents still love one another and you’ll be able to retire, too.

In short, not eating breakfast may result in happier, more productive mornings.  Note, too, that this is not a license to back-load your caloric intake into the evening hours at 9, 10 or 11 pm.  All of your daily calories should be consumed within one eight-hour window. (Trust me; I lost about 4 lbs doing this in August alone – while eating plenty of crappy foods – despite not having a ton of body fat to lose.)  But even if the eight hour restriction is disregarded, there are performance benefits to be realized by postponing your first meal of the day until well after it is socially acceptable to eat cereal.

6 Responses to Breakfast is bad for you

  1. picklefactory says:

    Also, you have to drink your apple cider vinegar.

  2. Keith Lee says:

    Yep yep. IF is excellent for your body. I tend to run in the mornings – and I run way better on an empty stomach. Even when I run 5-6 miles I feel great. There’s no need to “load up” in the morning. Blah.

  3. G Thompson says:

    Ok.. that’s got Breakfast sorted out and just confirms what I always knew deep down in my psyche that either eating or even waking up before noon was bad for you

    So anyone know what we can do about the most annoying and health degrading concept there is? That thing that saps our energy, makes our stress levels rise and generally pisses us all off? Yes you all know what I’m talking about.


  4. writerdood says:

    Right. Sleeping is far healthier than waking up. Screw breakfast. That’s what diet RockStar is for. We should all take a shot of RedLine in the morning and chase it back with RockStar. In an hour, you’ll be so wired you won’t even remember what breakfast is.

  5. Dianne Weiss says:

    I was never a morning person, but I know that my being grumpy is partly because of hangovers and not because I don’t eat breakfast.

  6. Ashley Casas says:

    It won’t work for me, I guess. I have a big appetite. Whenever I don’t eat breakfast I feel like dying. Also, I have loads of work every morning so I don’t think not eating breakfast will help me. But thank you for the reminder. I’ll tell my friends about this.


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