How you can help Kimberly Kupps, victim of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

By J. DeVoy

As we previously reported, Theresa Warren, a/k/a Kimberly Kupps, has been charged with several counts of producing obscenity in the backwoods of backward Polk County, Florida.  Kupps and her husband are represented pro bono (i.e. free) by Larry Walters, a friend of the blog.  However, there will be some costs associated with the case, namely for experts and investigators who can establish that Kupps and her husband not guilty.

A legal defense fund has been started for Kupps and her husband, which you can donate to here.  Marc has already made a donation to the cause.  While the legal fees are covered in this case, investigators and experts, the testimony and findings of whom can be crucial to acquittal, are not free.  In the interest of free speech, we encourage those with the means to donate to do so.

3 Responses to How you can help Kimberly Kupps, victim of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

  1. [...] Did you donate money to the legal defense fund for someone being abused by a petty little dictator in Florida? See Kimberly Kupps. [...]

  2. This is a violation of of America’s best. They should be locked up as perverts for this violation. Kimberly is a fine erotic icon, and should be celebrated. Support her. I am proud to support her. She is a damn fine woman that requires protection from mean nasty evil people low lifes.

  3. [...] obscenity counts as a reason to avoid Florida. (You can donate to Kupps’ defense fund here.)  This is a reasonable concern, but one that insiders within Florida’s adult community can [...]


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