FBI raids HotMovies

By J. DeVoy

AVN and Xbiz report that the FBI and Philadelphia police have raided HotMovies, taking down HotMovies.com and a host of its related sites.  A representative sample includes HotMovies.com, HomegrownVOD.com, AVNVOD.com, ElegantAngelVOD.com, ExtremeVOD.com, GayMovies.com, GroobyVOD.com, EdPowersVOD.com and BuckAngelVOD.com.

According to reports, more than 100 law enforcement officers were involved with the raid.  Armed with search warrants, officers detained approximately 120 employees of National A-1 Advertising, the home of HotMovies.com. James Cybert, Director of Marketing, has been posting facebook updates throughout the day; law enforcement officers allegedly refused to show Cybert their warrants’ contents when he asked.

A preliminary report from AVN, based on local media, indicates that the raid relates to prostitution, rather than pornography.  Below is an excerpt of WHOIS data for HotMovies.com:

And, also registered to 106 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – though to a different entity – is Escorts.com.

As of this writing, Escorts.com is unavailable.  A screen capture of the site as it appeared in 2008, courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Mahine, can be seen below.

Possibly a case of mistaken identity, this event serves as a reminder that these raids do occur, even in 2010.  While we support free expression at The Legal Satyricon, we generally do not condone breaking the law.  At this point, though, it’s unclear if that’s what even happened.

3 Responses to FBI raids HotMovies

  1. Mark Kernes says:

    Looks like the raid had more to do with HotMovies’ hosting of escort sites than porn — but nobody knows for sure except their CEO and the FBI.

  2. jfischer1975 says:

    Hmmmm.  Wonder if someone’s courting the law and order vote for Teusday.

  3. fireinyourhole says:

    Under what pretext was the warrant issued?


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